La Casa Del Rey


Gaia & Rey Langhe Chardonnay 2019

Remains one of the strongest Italian wines but where are the times when this was served at “Het Laurierblad” in Berlare (two star Michelin) as the “house wine” some 50 years ago. It deserved better but for me it can’t justify the prices that are asked for it. — 23 days ago

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Rey Fernando de Castilla

Antique Amontillado Sherry

N: Smells like old boats at dock. Wood varnish,maple, nail polish, oats, salinity,
Caramel, burnished mahogany.
P: Oranges, multi layered nuts, a bite, some much petrol, oily. Years.
— 10 months ago

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Pagos Del Rey

Reserve Diego de Almagro Tempranillo 2014

A volcano right before it’s about to erupt (Tiffany). Cherry with a grapefruit aftertaste. — 2 years ago

Pagos Del Rey

Blume Rueda Verdejo 2018

Beautiful wine showing notes of honey, honeysuckle, and lime — 5 months ago

Bodegas Luis Carides

Posada del Rey Vino de Mesa Tinto Tempranillo

Not too rich, needed a good air first though — 9 months ago

Matchbook Wine Co.

Tinto Rey Verdejo 2016

Delicious a full flavoured red wine. Chilled a little before serving. Robust with rack of lamb — a year ago

Alfredo Maestro (Bodegas y Viñedos Maestro Tejero)

El Rey del Glam Maceracion Carbonica Garnacha 2020

Carbonic macerated, fruity bubble gum, red fruit, candied notes , with spice at the end, dried leafs. — 7 months ago

Rey Fernando de Castilla

Antique Fino Sherry

N: Vanilla/White Rocks/ The Beach. Oranges are lurking w hazelnuts and almonds,
P: chewy bright acids, citrus fruit peel, hints of cream.
This is a big boy, 17°
Long, almost Oolong aftertaste.
We paired w freshly shucked Pemiquids*.
— 9 months ago

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