Kadarka 1880

Lovely. Reminds me of a Jura Trousseau — a month ago

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Gál Tibor

Titi Eger Red Blend

One of my best “bikavér” — a month ago

Sziegl Pince

Herreberg Hajos Kadarka 2017

Pinot like in structure and taste profile, with white pepper thrown in. Low alcohol (12.5) makes for a good friendly experience. Enjoyed. — 6 months ago

Peter Vida

Ôregtökėk Szekszárdi Kadarkaja

A local hungarian wine which was very light but spicy 🙂 — 2 years ago

Rasmus Vilhelmsson
with Rasmus

Bott Frigyes


Favorite wine at Vino Carta in San Diego. — a month ago

Oszkár Maurer

The Collective Kadarka 1880 2015

R Bl

Olaszrizling is no relation to German Riesling; this wine is orange and has Gewurtz-like spice with good acid and floral notes. — 4 months ago

Gral Pince

Kadarka 2017

Light- medium bodied, nice hit of acid, not at all tannic. — 8 months ago

Egri Bikaver

Egri Bikaver Bull's Blood of Eger Cabernet Sauvignon Kadarka Merlot Zweigelt 2013

Very interesting Red Blend from Hungary. I generally love the Zweigelt varietal, but it is surprisingly not the cornerstone of this wine. (Thirteen different varietals (must include three) can be blended to make Egri Bikavér).
Aromas and flavors of Cranberries, Raspberries and peppery spice. Light color and body. Short on the finish but very pleasant. Thank you Rob B.
— a month ago

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Vinarija Deurić

Probus 276

A tremendous red from the Balkans region. This one is from Serbia; from the Deurić winery. It’s called Probus 276. Let it breath for an hour and you’ll be more than happy with this fruity, silky red. — 4 months ago

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Tóth Ferenc

Kadarka 2015


nariz pinot noir — a year ago