Château D'Arlay

Côtes du Jura Blanc Chardonnay Savagnin 2009

Vibrant, fresh & energetic. Lemon notes on the palate with some sherry/nutty aromatics adding complexity. Descriptors aside, this is just a beautiful bottle of wine. 2009 vintage bottled in 2014. — 7 days ago

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Anthony Lombardi

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@Peter Sultan - Delicious stuff all around from them.
Andrew Schirmer

Andrew Schirmer

@Anthony Lombardi did you source locally? I used to buy their macvin from P&W but haven’t seen them around for a while.
Anthony Lombardi

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@Andrew Schirmer - I honestly can’t remember where I got this.

Domaine Pêcheur

Cremant Du Jura

Beautifully light limestone ridden zippy Chardonnay of apple core and the tiniest whiff of brioche. Salty, briny, great for pre-dinner snacking. — 18 days ago

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Les Granges Paquenesses

La Pierre Savagnin 2016

Jeremy Shanker

This is why the Jura rules ⚡️ — 11 days ago

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Jean François Ganevat

De Toute Beauté Jura Gamay Blend

Pretty ballerina. A perfect figure, slender with muscles in all the right places. She just floats and the air becomes a rainbow of beauty when she dances — a day ago

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Domaines des Marnes Blanches

En Jensillard Côtes du Jura Savagnin 2013

Beautiful oxidative savagnin. 2013 more my style than the turnt-up 2015 tbh, more quaffable. Maybe mellowed with age! — 8 days ago

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Michel Gahier

Le Clousot Arbois Trousseau 2017

Raspberries, bell peppers, spice and quite a bit of brett, at least in this bottle. Chewy tannins, fine acid and concentration. Nice.

Even better on day 2. Wish I had another bottle for a few years from now.
— 12 days ago

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Domaine Rolet

Tradition Arbois Chardonnay Blend 2009

Nose of nuts, sour apple, hay, butter, a bit of white pepper. This is clearly oxidized. The palate is wonderful, very dry with lots of acids, a very wide and dry presence, some grip, a bit of a buttery touch on the sides, almost a tannic thing in mid palate like a kind of kick, some green apple, and a very long finish with apple and a bit of pepper. This is so good! I remembered this wine being too dry and a bit unbalanced, this is now very precise. A food wine. — 19 days ago

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Jean François Ganevat

"La Combe" Les Chalasses Marnes Bleues Savagnin

This was terrific and paired beautifully with a small wedge of local cheese and a rainy Sunday afternoon- 2012 — 4 days ago

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Fraser McKinley

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You too @Bill Bender it’s been far too long between drinks! 👊
Fraser McKinley

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Thanks @Shay A and we are all well here, I hope you and your lovely family are too. Take care mate 👊
Fraser McKinley

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Right back at you @TheSkip 👍👍

Jean François Ganevat

Les Chamois du Paradis Côtes du Jura Chardonnay 2013

Orchard fruit, citrus, mineral, slight oxidation, lovely 😊 — 5 days ago

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Bénédicte & Stéphane Tissot

Amphore Trousseau 2016

Jeremy Shanker

The benchmark for Trousseau — 7 days ago

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