Juanico, Canelones


Artesana Reserva Tannat Zinfandel Merlot Blend 2013

Visited Bodega with friends! Owners are California Ladies. Only Bodega in Uruguay currently producing Zinfandel. Delish! And lunch was great too. — 14 days ago

Bodega Bouza

Sin Barrica Tannat 2015

Black fruit, blueberry, licorice and chocolate with an espresso background. — 3 months ago

Bodega Bouza

Montevideo Albariño 2020

Fresh, extremely balanced. Right amount of sourness. Excelent white wine — 5 months ago


Zinfandel 2020

Only Zinfandel in Uruguay! So good. — 20 days ago


Canelones Tannat 2018

Ожидал мрачного строгого Танната, а оказался яркий, ягодный, хотя, и сильно танинный экземпляр. Имхо, может долго храниться. — a month ago

Bodega Bouza

Tannat 2018

Smooth..... operator.
Good job, Uruguay! ~Megan
It does not taste as rich as it looks. ~TwiLea
This is wonderful. Tobacco and earth on the nose.
— 4 months ago

Neal Ferry
with Neal
Neal Ferry

Neal Ferry

Basic Outstanding

Bodega Bouza

Reserva Tannat 2018

Big bold full wine. Don’t know the grape but I like it. — a month ago


Reserva Canelones Tannat 2016

Tannic of course- but balanced, black currant with a titch of licorice — 2 months ago

Bodega Bouza

B6 Parcela Unica Tannat 2017

Excelent. One of the very best Uruguayan tannat. Full bodied, earthy, frutty with note of wood. Really balanced — 4 months ago

Bodega Bouza

Monte Vide Eu Tannat Blend 2015

Excellent. Picked up in Montevideo, Uruguay during a short trip. Strong with a good taste, full body, mixed of Tenat, Merlot and Tempranillo. — 6 months ago

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