Cr*sp Emmertje Blond

Lekker licht biertje bij Crisp vandaan. — a year ago


Mooie Nel IPA

Mooie Nel, dutch beer — 6 years ago

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@John Van Trijp John Cheers 🍻

Jopen Bier BV Haarlem/The Monarchy

Hop Zij Met Ons

GF IPA. dying over this new revelation. — 8 years ago

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Malle Babbe

Interesting and unusual. Not fruity but something like raspberry and caramel come through. — 9 years ago


Doubting Thomas Imperial Quadrupel

Coffee brown quad with Illuminati residue. Immense coffee nose with malty caramel ancillaries. Mocha-raisin, cinnamon, Spanish brandy, and bakers chocolate, and shadowy, dry-rubbed beef. Pleasant mouthfeel like getting punched with satin gloves. Getting smacked by an imperial never felt so truly, nobly, decadently luxurious. Like being trampled by a dark, Arabian stallion, while she piaffes. Black brittle, dates, brown sugar, blackened cinnamon raisin toast, chicory coffee, licorice, sassafras, and burnt vanilla. — 5 years ago

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Delicious no hop beer. Caramel and fruity malt notes. Great nose too — 8 years ago


Cigar City Brewing Collaboration Brew Wayne’s World Blonde Ale

Chunky blonde monkey! This tangy orangutan is riddled with bits of grits! It had a big blonde head and was like an orange freshly peeled with pith, fossilized, and amber singing of grapefruit days and juniper nights; black pepper and cedar chiming in with rosemary and chive. Really slaps your tongue with the Gin-ny Juniper...Secondary notes of grapefruit, orange, lemon seed, coriander and grapefruit pith chatter and whoop as your face is lovingly eaten. The gibberish and screeching grows to a crescendo as the juniper raises its cedar cudgel covered in lichen and wild yeast, cinnamon and clove and just a bay leaf or two, and warmly drums your taut torso while your consciousness clouds like the thick detritus of its last sips. Your limbs pull away with ease as the troop joins the rhythmic frenzy. ‘Why are you hitting yourself?’ their warm starlit eyes suggest with just a little mischief. You know why. — 5 years ago

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Eric Urbani

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Must have been something else in there too lol
David Kline

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They throw the kitchen sink in beers these days, so really could have been an Albert Hoffman moment, lol.


Meesterstuk Oatmeal Quadrupel 2018

First and only time I will rate beer here. However with a vintage and 11,11% it is very close to it 😉.
Great effort from Jopen. Very complex with fruit, caramel, wood and chocolate tones.
It is as pricy as wine can be hence the rate.
— 6 years ago

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Jopen/De Prael

HIJSM Oatmeal Milk Stout

Chocolate cherry cake. A little too sweet for my taste though...even for a milk stout. — 10 years ago