Hispano Bodegas

Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Bobos Finca Casa La Borracha Bobal

Incredible value. Medium to light bodied. Really smooth. Could be easily confused with a pinot noir. — 3 months ago

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Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Finca Casilla Herrera Bassus Utiel-Requena Red Blend 2013

(17.5/20) Великолепный, насыщенный аромат с нотами вишнёвого сиропа, кедра и черного шоколада. Высокая кислотность и гладкие танины. Ягодное во вкусе. Отличное вино! #fenavin2017 — 4 years ago

Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Bassus Premium Utiel-Requena Syrah Blend

Medium body, dark cherry, coffee, currants. — 6 years ago

Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Finca Casa La Borracha Bobal 2017

Delicious, thanks for the present ^^ — 5 months ago

Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Superius Quod Utiel-Requena Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

Top of range of Hispanos Suizas - all Bottles numbered individually. OK wine but a bit to slick and too commercially made. — 3 years ago

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Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Impromptu Pinot Noir Rosé 2014

Impromptu rosado 2014, Pinot Noir. Sublime, una obra maestra de Bodegas Hispano Suizas en Requena. — 5 years ago

Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Tantum Ergo Brut Nature Cava Pinot Noir

Made exclusively of Pinot Noir nd fermented in new american oak barrels of 400L.
15 months of ageing on its lees in the bottle.
Warm method of disgorgement (not by freezing the neck) and bottled one by one.
— 6 years ago

Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Premium Utiel-Requena Red Blend 2009

The 2009 vintage is absolutely singing. Best it’s tasted since I bought my first bottle 7 years ago. — 3 years ago

Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Impromptu Utiel-Requena Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Fantástico! A Sauvignon Blanc with Cojones! Tangerine oil, quince, white pepper, creamy quince finish, this is a full throttle, serious mouth filling sb! Absolutely killer! — 5 years ago

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