Siletto Vineyard Trousseau 2017

Joe Carroll

Much riper than any trousseau I’ve ever had but still a cool wine — 9 days ago

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Somers Vineyard Mission 2017

rita juice for tita’s bday. easy choice. somewhere between rose, name a light red and strawberry fields forever. — 3 months ago

Harrington Wines

Mission Old Vine Cabonic Red Blend

Holy shit one of my fave wines ever — 5 months ago

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Siletto Vineyard Corvina 2017

Rosé or red? You be the judge. Either way this is delightful chilled. Watermelon jolly ranchers sprayed with a whiff of sea air then liquified on a limestone plate. Really refreshing but beware the alcohol is higher than you’d surmise.., — 9 months ago

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Stanley Barrios

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Just had a Harrington Trousseau that piqued my interest. I dig it
Ellen Clifford

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@Stanley Barrios they’re doing cool stuff! I’ll have to try more:)


Cedar Crest Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2017

Ripe and delicious, yet herbal and nuanced. Nicely extracted fruit but balanced with ripping acidity and a bunch of grip. This is slightly more down-the-middle California compared to his Mission, which is (totally delicious) kombucha/sour beer/funky and wild. — 2 months ago


Wheeler Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Lara H

This is how California cabs should taste — 4 months ago

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Old Vine Mission

Really weird color, tastes almost like a cider. Super interesting, paired great work done pickled veggies — 7 months ago


Central Coast Pinot Noir 2017

A little smoky
Thin body
Loved it!

Smelled like metal at the end
— 2 months ago

Gramercy Cellars

Olsen Vineyard Rosé Blend 2017

The 2017 Gramercy Cellars Rosé is a blend of 44% Cinsault, 31% Grenache and 25% Syrah, all sourced from the Olsen Vineyard. This pale colored Rose begins with a bouquet of white peach, red cherry candy and watermelon with a slightly smoky edge. The minerality is fantastic, as is the gorgeous mouthfeel. Balanced, showing good weight, the Rose unveils red cherry, cran-orange and rose water flavors. This is another outstanding wine made by the talented winemaking team of Greg Harrington and Brandon Moss. Drink 2019-2024 — 3 months ago


Coast Grade Vineyard Pinot Noir 2014

So happy to rediscover this beauty showing off Brian’s exceptional skills and Santa Cruz Mountains’ beautiful soul . @Bryan Harrington — 8 months ago