Grape Republic Inc.

Grape Republic Inc.

Arancione Rosé Blend 2021

Amazing wine from the Yamagata region in Japan. This wine has a great toasted rice cake bouquet with ripe lychee palette, as it opens up it a toasted coconut on the palette finishes the wine. — 2 months ago

Grape Republic Inc.

Amphora Arancione White Blend

Super aromatic: peach candy, all kinds of blossom, pineapple, lychee. Dry, light body with a firm acidity. Less blossom and more red apple on the palate. — 2 years ago

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Grape Republic Inc.

Rosso Steuben Blend

Very light super different, almost like fizzy punch....but in a good way — 4 years ago

Grape Republic Inc.

Aromatico Frizzante

美味しいです202'0 — 2 years ago

The Grape Republic

Dela Fresca Frizzante Delaware

Remind me of a farmhouse sour beer — 2 years ago

The Grape Republic

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2014

Lighter bodied with lots of raspberry and cherry fruit. — 4 years ago

Richard Stavek

špigle Boiky Oranzové Suché Autentické White Blend

Another wine for funky lambic livers. Tannic grape love — 5 years ago

Grape Republic Inc.

Amphora Rosso Merlot Blend 2019

Wow. Legit. A little fuzzy carbonic maceration, fruit forward but with a slight funk. Wish this bottle was easier to come by. — 2 years ago

Bea Meskauskaite
with Bea

Grape Republic Inc.

Rosato Delaware Rosé Blend

Loved.. low on brash acid/tannins soft ripe fruits up front ...light beaujo-esq but more décadence on nose lovely full tartness — 3 years ago

Artesano Vintners Ltd

Don Pinot Noir

100% Pinot noir これは好きなやつ。
Grape republicの監修るアドバイス?とかもしてるそう。
— 5 years ago