Arianna Occhipinti

Terre Siciliane Il Frappato

Holy wow, her wines are totally delicious. Why isn't everyone everywhere doing single varietal frappatto?! Elegant, delicate, interesting, earthy, floral, a bit tarty-fruity... everything... 🌹🍒......... — 3 years ago

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Azienda Agricola Gianfranco Daino

Suber Nero d'Avola Blend 2012

I like this add of 30% Grenache to the Nero and frappatto. Med bodied and lots to say #sicily — 3 years ago

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Arianna Occhipinti

SP68 Terre Siciliane Nero d'Avola Frappato 2014

Nero d'avola and frappatto. Very light. Really enoyable. Refreshing red wine. 🍒 — 4 years ago

Andrew Greenhalgh
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Azienda Agricola COS

Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico Frappato Nero d'Avola 2013

This is my favorite Winery. And this is my favorite wine from my favorite Winery. As Cerasuolo di Vittoria is Sicily's only docg it's apparent why so. The dark complex fruits of cherry and plum in the frappatto balance and harmonize perfectly with the tobacco, smoke and clay mineral of the nero d'avolo. The ratio was perfect as well. It's a big wine so it gives you the robustness and the impact of a masculine wine. However the complexity and subtlety is not overshadowed by the robustness. All too often I see in central Italian wines the favoring of one over the other. For instance Chianti gives you a big hit and is very dry and very big but has no complexity. This offers The Best of Both Worlds it is close to a perfect wine.

This Wine I intend to buy by the case on that one along with many of their other wines including nero di Lupo & pithos rosso
— 4 years ago