Foxes Island

Allan Scott

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Alder Yarrow

I tend to agree with my buddy Matt Kramer who maintains that the single most reliably tasty wine in the world is New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. What that means to me is if you buy a bottle for $15 - $25 you almost always are going to get something that a) tastes like you expect it to and b) is delicious (assuming you like the way that NZ Savvy tastes). This here bottle is no exception to that rule with its passionfruit, green apple, and cut grass aromas and more of the same delicious green fruit flavors on the palate. The finish is all kiwi fruit and green apple and the acidity bright and mouthwatering. This was a press sample. — 6 days ago

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Cloudy Bay

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Never a disappointment. Crisp, bright and citrusy with a nice mineral finish. The go-to summer white — 9 days ago

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The Seifried Family

Old Coach Road Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Very fresh, very tropical. It's hard to find a gooseberry, so it's a problem. :) But: a citrus freshness, pineapple, passion fruit - so... :) — 2 days ago

Baby Doll

Marlborough Pinot Noir 2018

Second time tasting this wine and all my prior notes still apply. This is delicious. Super cherry, pomegranate nose, super acid drive, vivid palate with a lot of energy and a good grip. A good tannins wall brings some disruption to the end of the palate, laying a nice peppery, sandy layer. Lovely. — 9 days ago

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Alex Craighead Wines

Kindeli Nelson Tinto

Hype is real! Tasty chuggable carbonic fresh all the things you go nuts for in natural wine. Yum! Pretty insane QPR. — 5 days ago

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Marlborough Chardonnay 2015

2015 Vintage - yellow apple ,pear , butter spice, mineral, at a good point in its evolution — 14 days ago

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Douglas Braun

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Almost a gun flint sulfur reduction
Douglas Braun

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That slowly blows off



Chimney Stack

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Magnificent NZ Sauvignon Blanc. Aromas and flavors of grapefruit, gooseberries and kiwi. Light body and texture but bracing acidity and bold citrus notes on the finish. Great QPR! — 3 days ago

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Marlborough Gruner Veltliner 2019

yellow to green apples & pears ~ blossoms, lanolin, chamomile & nutmeg ~ focuses green on palate w Granny Smith, kiwi & d’anjou pear ~ finishes w wax candy — 4 days ago

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Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Very surprised at how tasty this wine was for a price under $20 a bottle. Great tropical notes, tasted as it had been aged on oak and will be my new porch pounder. — 17 days ago

Ellie K
with Ellie
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Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Nose is intensely full of tropical fruit, apple, gooseberries, herbs and mineral aromas. Nice lemony fruit flavors with hints of slate and fresh herbs. Mouth gripping acidity. Bright and fresh, especially on the finish. Yes, the whole “cat pee” thing is going on in this wine. Quite Refreshing! — 10 days ago

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