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Finn Pinot Noir 2018

Jerae Knutson

If you snagged a few bottles of this wine in your allocation you can feel comfortable opening a bottle soon - let the wine evolve in your glass. If you’re patient, you’ll be greatly rewarded by tucking a few bottles in your cellar for 5+ (and up to 11) years. 77% of the fruit comes from DuMOL’s O’Connell Estate Vineyard and 23% from Occidental Road Vineyard. Finn is always layered with a velvety finish, and always a Member favorite. — 13 days ago

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Finn River Cider

Forest Ginger Botanical Cider

Flavored with wild harvested fir tips and ginger. Good head in pour. Pinpoint bubbles. Light golden yellow. Fresh ginger in nose followed by a rich apple aroma profile. Light fir flavor followed by a yummy cider with a light ginger finish. Excellent stuff — 2 years ago

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Sounds delicious! I would enjoy this.
David Shaw

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Already disappeared from store shelves but likely to return next winter

Finnriver Farm (Elijah K. Swan)

Solstice Saffron Seasonal Botanical Cider

Golden yellow, slight brown tinge, light to moderate carbonation. Slight spice, perfumes floral and Macintosh aroma profile in nose. Beeswax and floral notes in mouth, malic and citric acid, slight cinnamon or paprika like mouthfeel in finish, dry to off dry, slightly tart aftertaste. Minimal bitterness and astringency. Yummy. Another quality cider from Finn River — 3 years ago

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Beautiful photo! I thought it was wine. 🍎
David Shaw

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Thanks Trixie. Smartphones make us all professionals these days

Finn Hill Winery

Par Excellence Columbia Valley Sémillon Chardonnay 2014

An excellent wine, hammy and heavy body
Strawberry and blueberry flavor, menthol and bold.
Deep purple in color and overall great wine.
— 9 months ago

Castle Finn

Red Brick Road Red Blend

Semi sweet white grape wine sparkling — 2 years ago

Château Haut-Segottes

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2013

Revisiting this one and glad I did. Ruby red and orange around the rim showing a little age. Lots of red fruit on the nose, cherry & strawberry + wood & leather. To taste: lots of harmony with fruit (plum, cherry candy, black currant) up front with an oak & coffee finish. Apparently my dog Finn is a big Bordeaux fan, he was staring this glass down. — 3 years ago

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Finn Hill Winery

Le Beau Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

A great wine, rich ,Bold and fruity.
Like strawberry Jam ,and some menthols notes.
Heavy body ...
A must try
— 9 months ago


Autumn's Blush

Autumn’s Blush sparkling cider with black currant, 6.5% alc/vol. Light cranberry red with golden tinge, excellent clarity. Small head on pour but quickly dissipated, light carbonation, pinpoint bubbles. Black currant notes dominate in nose, as do tart (malic-citric) earthy black currant flavors, bone dry, minimal astringency. Tasty and well made as per Finn River standards, but the cage for the cork was one of the tightest, most difficult to open in my life. But hang in there, work hard at opening this one (pliers or a dry towel will work); you will be rewarded for your efforts — a year ago

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Finnriver Farm (Elijah K. Swan)

Pear Cider

Light to moderate carbonation, no head, small to medium sized bubbles. Pale yellow, incredible clarity. Perfumed pear aroma spread across three feet of airspace within five seconds of pour- impressive. Good tart blend of pear and apple flavors, made with organic juice from both apple and pear and nothing else. Dry, tasty. Another quality adult beverage from Finn River — 2 years ago

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