Domaine de Beudon

Valais Fendant

Light. Hints of Riesling petroleum notes. — 6 days ago

Château Constellation SA

Fendant 2021

Rob N

Swiss chasselas — crisp and enjoyable for the price. 16.50 CHF. — 9 months ago

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Provins/Eric Solomon

L'Alpage Fendant 2019

N:Grassy white flowers, limes, what we imagine hay to be when fresh. Crushed white rock/chalk.
P: Slight frizzante, Granny Smith apples,
Limes, slight tropical fruit like star fruit,
Great mouthfeel, ever so slightly prickly.
Very dry and refreshing. On a hot day, it’ll be gone in a flash. 12.4%
— 2 years ago

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Caves Orsat

Treize Etoiles Fendant 1574

Raclette and friends night ♥️ — 3 years ago

Cave du Vieux-Moulin (Romain Papilloud)

Amandoleyre Fendant Grand Cru 2020

Jeremy Shanker

A great reminder that I should drink more Swiss wine. Tart citrus, marzipan, chiseled rocks — 3 months ago

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Cave Caloz (Anne-Carole et Conrad Caloz)

La Mourziere Les Coteaux de Sierre Fendant 2017

Timothy Eustis

Just great. Lanolin on mouthfeel. Gorgeous un ripe white peaches. Super pretty. — 2 years ago

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Angelo Delea

Z Sélection Cornalin

Z Selection Fendant Valais AOC 2018
Lemon verbena, penicillin and flint. Similar on the palate—loads of lemon and mineral and a touch of citrus pith, tarragon and vanilla (but not from oak). Paired with Trader Joe’s Tarte Flambé.
— 3 years ago

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Robert Gilliard

Les Murettes Fendant Chasselas

Soft stone fruits with citrus and small tannins — 5 months ago

Provins/Eric Solomon

L'Alpage Chasselas 2020

2020 L’Alpage is Chasselas (local name Fendant) from the Valais

Nose of citrus blossom, vanilla and Shea butter, berries in nougat, then full circle to limeade, tangerine zest and citrus hard candies…day 2 some clam & oyster shells

Lots of quinine, granite, quartz, lemon pith and lime zest on palate…day 2 some peach
— a year ago

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Caves Garnier

Le Bosques Valais Fendant

Preis: CHF 4.50 (0,5l) — 3 years ago