Edi Simcic

Edi Keber

Collio 2016

The AVA for Friuli apparently extends into Slovenia, due to historical boundaries. Did not know that! — 6 days ago

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Edi Keber


I agree with the pros. This wine restores the great name of Merlot (pre-Sideways). This Italian Merlot rhymes with Bordeaux. The 1999 was expressive and tasty. — 3 months ago

Jim Nelson
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Edi Simčič

Goriška Brda Triton Lex

Very good orange wine. — 5 months ago

Edi Kante

Rosso Venezia Giulia Terrano Blend 2014

Delicious, cranberry/cherry, tart fruit, with a little zip, love this by itself or appetizers, light fare, very versatile. — 9 days ago

Edi Kante

Venezia Giulia IGT Vitovska 2015

Slightly floral, minerality, well balanced and acid driven, a slight biscuity note. Similar to a more full bodied Riesling. Could age for a while but nice at this age too — 3 months ago

Edi Simčič

Kolos Goriška Brda Cabernet Franc Blend

Beautiful Bordeaux style blend. I mean there is real wine product in Slovenia. Blown away! — 4 months ago

Edi Kante

Venezia Giulia Chardonnay 2013

Liked this quite a lot. Is the picture correct? — 21 days ago

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Edi Simčič

Goriška Brda Malvazija 2016

Macadamias, apricot and honey with some respectable, yeasty depth and balance. — 2 months ago

Edi Kante

Carso Chardonnay 2003

Fantastic wine!really complex, salty, mineral, great mixture of winemaker’s hands, terroir and sea’s influence. It’s a 50cl bottle — 6 months ago