Domaine Guffens Heynen

Domaine Guffens-Heynen

Tris des Hauts de Vignes Pouilly-Fuissé Chardonnay 2010

Signs of seepage.
Most advanced bottle to date. Less mineral/funky, more vanilla/hazelnut/tropical fruit. Still beautiful! 😍
— 18 days ago

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Cuvée Unique Saint-Véran Chardonnay 2017

Oddly pale yellow color rather close to Rhône wines than Burgundy. On the nose we feel the pot (although I'm not personally a user!) So we have more floral nose than citrus. On the palate a lot of gravity, I would not say it's American style and not Rhône type either it was new to me. But after my first sip I really did not have the reflex to return a second time. Seeing the price I was stunned .... I do not understand anything. — 2 years ago

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Domaine Guffens-Heynen

La Roche Pouilly-Fuissé Chardonnay 1991

725 Bottles in Total! 1991 and alive and kicking! Jean-Marie Guffens rocks! — 4 years ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Really special! Bofferd


Le Chavigne Mâcon-Pierreclos Chardonnay 2018

Very good value white wine from farr vintners brought from London. 80 sgd all in. Classic Chardonnay — 7 months ago


Premier Jus de Chavigne Mâcon-Pierreclos Chardonnay 2017

same color as the Saint Veran from the same producer (pale yellow) but the resemblance stops there. The nose is citrusy, sulfure, green apple. In the mouth it's straight and with a nice attack that is maintained with a feeling of chalk in the mouth. Good lenght but not in relation to the delusional price. — 2 years ago

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St. Véran Chardonnay 2014

Jean Marie Guffens definetely knows how to make top wines - this is probably one of the most expensive St Veran wines on the market but it delivers ! Peach and other sonefruit, a slight buttery undertone and a great length make this into a beautiful wine. — 4 years ago

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Tri de Chavigne Mâcon-Pierreclos Chardonnay 2013

Muito bom, mas a madeira está um pouco mais saliente que no En Crazy 2016 — 9 months ago

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Jean Marie Guffens

Classic Vaucluse Marsanne Roussanne 2017

Loved it. Crisp, lightly fruity, pear notes, apple. Excellent for appetizers or first course. Biodynamic. — a year ago

Domaine Guffens-Heynen

Trente Cinquieme Vendange

17. 2014. Tanzer note spot on. I’d add that it’s very long. And by now, it has blossomed out. No rough edges. A fine Burgundy. — 3 years ago


Bien Entendu Indeed Vaucluse Chardonnay 2012

Surprisingly chardonay-ish, with hints of roussanne and viognier completing the trilogy. Some wood but not overwhelming. — 4 years ago