Coteaux De Sierre, Valais

Histoire D'Enfer

L'Enfer du Calcaire Pinot Noir 2014

From Valais Switzerland. Wonderful bottle!
Hand carried back from a trip a few years ago.
— 17 days ago

Histoire D'Enfer

Petite Arvine

Very unique white. — 4 years ago

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Cave Caloz (Anne-Carole et Conrad Caloz)

La Mourziere Les Coteaux de Sierre Gamay 2015

The purest expression of Gamay - all the natural wine style without any of the funk. Very unique. — 4 years ago


Sierre Pinot Noir

Light, cherry, smooth, velvety — 5 years ago

Cave Caloz (Anne-Carole et Conrad Caloz)

La Mourziere Les Coteaux de Sierre Fendant 2017

Timothy Eustis

Just great. Lanolin on mouthfeel. Gorgeous un ripe white peaches. Super pretty. — 5 months ago

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Histoire D'Enfer

L'Enfer de la Roche Humagne Rouge 2013

16.5/20 (90/100) Приятный и насыщенный, но не сложный аромат кизилового варенья, сливового повидла, вишни в коньяке с нотами чёрного перца и лаврового листа. Кислотность умеренная, танины легкие и шелковистые. Вкус немного отстаёт от аромата, но всё же очень неплохо. — 4 years ago

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Claudy Clavien (La Cave des Champs)

Les Perles du Soleil Sierre-Valais Petite Arvine 2015

Bien travaillé belle tension fruité en filigrane belle bouteille — 5 years ago

Histoire D'Enfer

Petite Arvine Reserve 2015

Picked up in Zurich and hand carried back home Well worth the effort! Who knew there was so much great wine being made in Switzerland. — 3 years ago

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Fendant de Sierre Chasselas 2013

That's the country I am from. Smaller batches of incredible wines are now produced there. When I grew up that was not always the case. Altitude is always a factor when tasting and savoring these delights. Cheese, charcuterie plates after a long hike in the spring or fall - even a fresh water fish or the sooo underrated (in the US) liver, kidney sweetbreads. I get some of these wines every year for Christmas - and drink them with passion when over there — 5 years ago