Vintage Port 2003

Огромное количество осадка и изумительный мужской вкус, а также изысканное долгое, очень долгое послевкусие — 2 months ago


Late Bottle Vintage Porto 2014

Jan A

Fresh, chewy style — 8 months ago

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Pinot Grigio

Wonderful wine at Churchill's! — 3 years ago

Andrea Jones
with Andrea


Churchill Estates Douro Red Blend 2011

Touriga blend. Slightly green initially but that gives way to chocolate covered sour cherry. Tannins still providing a back of cheek grit. Tasty stuff from Churchill — 3 months ago

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Late Bottled Vintage 2014

Lovely dark purple color and sweet fruit, nice balance, long, moderately sweet finish, really a terrific LBV!! — 10 months ago


Quinta da Agua Alta Vintage Port Blend 1995

(16.5/20) Насыщенный аромат с нотами молочного шоколада, сушеных ягод малины, кураги, ванили, лесных орехов и грибов. Хорошо сбалансированная кислотность и отличный насыщенный вкус. Очень хорошо! — 3 years ago


Crusted Port 2005

intens fruits, good acidity and nice nuttiness..
— 6 months ago

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Reserve Port

Dark red in color. Aged three years. Quite fruity for a port with a great finish. Would pair well with chocolate. Not a ton of complexity. — 3 years ago

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White Port

White Port and an exceptional one that comes across like a Madeira as this 100% Malvasia is dry, a touch sweet, with salty caramel, lightly roasted nuts and plenty of orange citrus in the form of fruit, peel and zest. This is a model of where white Port can stand on its own. — 3 years ago

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