Malt & Grain Blended Whisky

The Chichibu Distillery in Hokkaido Japan is boutique in the extreme with just 14 employees and two small copper pot stills. This whisky is a blend of Japanese material blended with Whiskies sourced from around the world including Canada, the USA, Ireland and Scotland. Typical attention to detail has produced a meticulous blend showing more highland grainy flavours than the peaty west coast flavours of Scotland. If I ever return to Niseko for skiing I will make an attempt to visit this wonderful little distillery in Hokkaido. 46% ABV. — 3 years ago

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Ichiro's Malt & Grain Chichibu Blended Whisky

Shiba kun gifted to me. Malt and grain blend. Grain on nose. Shibui on palate. Very unusual mixture, just like Ichiro — 8 years ago

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Chichibu Distillery

Cask #2627 Fino Hogshead Braemar Whisky

? Sherry hogshead — 6 years ago

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The First Ichiro's Malt Single Malt Whisky

Kevin Walsh

Daaammmnnnnn — 7 years ago

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The Peat Single Malt Whisky 2010

Pale lemon color. Rich peat notes, vanilla, wet grass, ocean spray, iodine, band aid, and charcoal. Luxurious finish. — 8 years ago

Chichibu Distillery

Japanese Single Malt Whisky 2010

One of the most delicate and interesting whiskies I have ever tried. Amazing experience. — 6 years ago

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Ichiros Blended Whiskey

Whiskey champion. So memorable as Clau and I went here 12 years ago just to watch the temple float parade despite pouring rain. Ended up sitting on a concrete block drinking — 7 years ago


Ichiro's Malt The Floor Malted Japanese Single Malt Whisky

So smooth. A dash of cold water. Only a dash. Almost too smooth. You will polish off that bottle too quick. Touch of smoke. Touch of malt. And a lot of drinkability — 8 years ago