Pierre Gonon

Chasselas 2016

Seth Morgen Long

Bright and airy, but with weight and texture. Fun to drink — 11 days ago

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Badoux Vins (Henri Badoux)

Aigle les Murailles Chasselas 2017

Key lime mineral cream and slight spritz. Delish. — a month ago

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Valli Unite

Il Brut and the Beast Colli Tortonesi White Blend

Not a bad wine from a commune that makes salami and wine! — 2 months ago


Steingrüble Chasselas 2015

This needed to warm up from its stay in the fridge, and also needed air. Then the nose shows intense, almost pungent, minerality, and something that reminded me of day-old roast chicken pulled out of the fridge. Let’s call it a “poultry note.” Very lean and minerally in the mouth. No fruit. Short finish. Not my cup of tea. I haven’t had a Chasselas (Gutedel) in decades, and it’s really not my cup of tea, so I can’t rate this.

UPDATE: Night 2. Significantly friendlier and less quirky. Getting a little bruised pear along with much more settled minerality in the nose. A note of light honey. Softer and lengthier in mouth. Very bright and pure. Now that it’s making sense to me, I’m go giving it a numerical rating.
— 3 months ago

Lyle Fass
with Lyle
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Severn Goodwin

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I'll rate this, when we get to it, hopefully not chicken wine.
Lyle Fass

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No fruit is a feature not a bug!
Tom Casagrande

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@Lyle Fass - It made sense to me tonight.


Jadis Valais Chasselas

I have know idea without food. With the dish served it was delicious — 14 days ago

Lesley Hackett
with Lesley

Diego Conterno

Langhe Nascetta

Drinks like chasselas from the Vaud of Switzerland — a month ago

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Colline de L'Hirondelle

La Joupatière Carignan blend 2012

This is not the Carignan blend, but I can’t seem to edit the descriptor. This is the 2012 La Joupatiere and it is one of the most unique and interesting wines. Thank you Colline de l’hirondelle. As their website explains, “The oldest vineyard in the village! Planted at the end of the 19th century, it miraculously escaped phylloxera and the uprooting of old vines that has plagued the Languedoc; this tiny one-acre plot is a conservatory of rare and disappearing varieties. A local vine scientist has identified the following 13 varieties: Carignan noir, Grenache noir, Cinsault noir, Mourrastel Boucher noir, Rivairenc noir, Grand Noir de la Calmette, Mourvèdre noir, Terret noir, Terret gris, Terret blanc, Olivette blanche, Chasselas doré, Valencin rose and two mysterious varieties are still unidentified.” What a blend. — 2 months ago

Gary Thompson
with Gary

Louis Bovard

Dézaley Grand Cru Chasselas

Needs a little time, but really elegant & unique. Has savory peel notes instead of overt fruit 🌟 — a month ago

Martha Stoumen

Out of the Meadow Chenin Blanc Blend 2018

I didn’t know what to expect but this bottle certainly exceeded. Lots of fun varietals blended in for a unique experience.

It’s a pale cloudy color with a strong but delightful funkiness mixed with some buttery vanilla notes. Down the gullet is bright tropical fruit like banana/pineapple but this powerful acidity to compliment a nice medium body. Touches of wildflowers as well, bodes well with the name. Lasting, lingering finish. This is great!

I’ve seen prices range from $35-$55. It’s still a good deal either way.
— 25 days ago

Dominique Lucas

Amphore Les VIgnes de Paradis Terroir du Léman Chasselas 2013

Jaune. Clair
Nez verveine, pointé exotique et frais
Bouche acide et mûre avec une finale simple et fraiche Cristalline
— 2 months ago

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