Provins/Eric Solomon

L'Alpage Chasselas 2020

Light yellow, excellent clarity. Floral nose. Lime and orchard fruit flavors, mineral and lactic finish, lime zest and floral aftertaste. Light on fruit, good body but a bit thin in viscosity, almost crisp. Refreshing and light — 24 days ago

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Interesting wine.🙂


Vieilles Vignes Alsace Chasselas 2020

Vintage 2020 | Bottled pleasure | Lime is very recognizable in this wine | paired with a bean-tunafish salad and after that chicken in cidersauce. — 2 months ago

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Tom Casagrande

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Nice! Great grower, and you don’t see Chasselas around often!


Jadis Valais Chasselas

Noma, orange, strange, very flavorful — 4 months ago

Les Vignes de Paradis

Terroir du Léman Un P'tit Coin de Paradis Chasselas

Scott C

Wow the best Chasselas I have ever tasted . Most is under ripe and sugar added. This is just perfect . From an amazing producer , biodynamic . Complexity! Stunning — a month ago

Martin Texier

Petite Nature White Blend 2020

Nose - funk and lemon. Mouthfeel - Bright and tangy. Main tasting notes - lemon and melon with a green tea astinrgency. Very refreshing and fun to drink. — a month ago

Orly Lumbreras Viñador

Milagritos Vino Bianco Albillo - Chasselas Blend

High chalky minerality with a mouth full creamy feeling of ripe fruit ( mango, grapefruit, green apple ) Black Tea Blend flavor… absolutely delicious and honest as it gets… It Is like mixing Chulky Mineral funky Fanta with black tea and then leave the result on a barrel for 6 months … Somehow @orlylumbreras just Nail it right in the head !! … glorious serious product ! — 3 months ago

Agricola Grillos Cantores Mi Nena

Mi Nena Corinto(Chasselas doré) 2019

This is wild. Pear on the nose. Honestly drinks like dry sherry. Fascinating. — 4 months ago


Steingrüble Chasselas 2019

Very similar to a chardonnay but for €16 this offers unrivaled value. Insane minerality with petrol notes and little touches of stonefruit. Immediately bought more!!! — a month ago

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Visiser Chasselas 2018

Faint, slightly oxidized pears and apple with an aortic vessel of acid powering through. Nondescript tastes of white flowers and yellow orchard fruits. — 2 months ago

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Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

May be I will visit in June.

Robert Gilliard

Les Murettes Fendant Chasselas 2019

Understated, mineral and tight, hues of underripe banana and fig. A later flavour of lightly soured honeydew.

A fun adventure with the Swiss Chasselas grape.
— 3 months ago

Gillian Koh
with Gillian
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