Antu Signature Wine Carménère

Solid. Super solid. Been a while since I’ve had a carmy and I’m so glad to be back with this one. Creamy chocolate layered over blueberries, prunes, and vanilla. Acidity holds its own too, you could age this beauty. — 7 hours ago

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Gran Reserva Old Vines Single Vineyard Carménère 2012

2012. Blind tasting. Obvious markers. Thank you Beth. You dont have to spend $$$ on a wine of interest. — 2 days ago


Orzada Carménère 2015

Had a glass last night and a little sharp but after opening up 24 hours later it’s very smooth and rounded. Vanilla, pepper, light spices — 11 days ago

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Aconcagua Valley Carménère 2015

Smoky, light and wonderful. Easy drinking alone or with a light meal. — 12 days ago

Viña William Fèvre

Espino Carménère 2016

An enormous nose of pepper - like Chilean Merquen..

Pepper stalk, earth, tamarind, Eau du vegetable garden, cocoa nibs.
Medium bodied with a full mouthfeel.
Smuggled back from “The Santiago Wine Club” in Chile.
— 8 days ago

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The stained glass is remarkable! Salute!🍷
Sharon B

Sharon B

I love a good Carmenère!


Don Luis Carménère 2018

Vermelho intenso, corpo não tão denso. Sabor excelente e ótimo custo benefício. Impressao de forte, especialmente no álcool. Vai bem com carne. Rastro persistente e levemente adstringente. — 12 days ago

Emiliana Organic Vineyards

Natura Valle de Colchagua Carménère

Smooth, pleasant, and well paired with spicy lasagna. — 5 hours ago


Reserve Valle del Maule Carménère 2014

Smells of non-sulfured mineral salts in hot spring pools and red berry in the sun. Hint of crushed walnut leaves. Flavors are lovely. Ink and plum sauce. Bing cherry near the pits and licorice pastilles. Silky but full of backbone. Lucious, elegant classic Carmènére. Reminds me of great Syrah melded with mighty Merlot and superior Sangiovese on the side. Winnor, winnor cena de pollo-r! — 7 days ago

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Reserve Carmenere 2014

Very good red. Imagine it would pair well with almost anything. Had a white from this winery that was excellent, also. — 7 days ago

Viña Tarapacá

Reserva Gran Tarapacá Valle del Maipo Carménère 2015

Called Cabernet on this, major green notes but not high tannins — 4 days ago

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