Carl Loewen

Weingut Carl Ehrhard

Rüdesheim Trocken Riesling 2021

Light with crisp apple and some mineral. Very refreshing. Mikey says 7.5. — 25 days ago

Carl Loewen

Herrenberg Kabinett Riesling 2020

WotN. Everything in balance with unexpected length and vegetal flavors that dance with subtle sweetness. Go Thai! — 5 months ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Nice description 👌

Carl Graff

Mosel Kabinett Riesling

Very light taste; and slightly fruity. Very nice chilled wine. I love it!! — 3 months ago

Carl Loewen

Varidor Riesling 2022

Fresh uplifting pomolo aromatics, racy acidity and a slatety finish. Nice! — 7 months ago

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Carl Graff

Graacher Himmelreich Riesling 2021

Omg this is a delicious Riesling!! I’m tasting apple and pear, maybe honey. So yum!! — 10 months ago

Carl Loewen

Ritsch Grosses Gewachs Riesling 2018

Citrus spray in slo mo - like a 90's OJ ad on Channel 4. Or the one for all-natural counter cleaner. Bergamot, clementine and bitter lime pith. Granny smith and cool flinty smoke. A hanging honey note transitions without much of one into a textured Meade-like experience. Riesling shines with honey. Doesn't give but for a ruby grapefruit bitter bite.

Excellent in smaller doses because damn acid can tire a fella.
— 2 years ago

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Carl Loewen

Alte Reben Riesling 2021

Sweet apples, pears, and a bit of petrol. With lemon and acidity and salt. — 5 months ago

Carl Everson

Chenin Blanc

Old vine planted in 1982! Light light upfront then a burst of pears and maybe peaches. Medium lingering fruit. ( the official review mentioned quince and I had to look that up!) At Bandana’s South African wine tasting. — 9 months ago

Carl Loewen

Quant Riesling 2021

— a year ago