Cambridge Winery

The Verge

Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Fruit aroma with nice vanilla and oak. Long finish.

August 2021 Cambridge
— 3 months ago

Cascina Ballarin

Bussia Barolo Nebbiolo 2016


Enjoyed after a walk around Cambridge with Fudge. Good tanins and spice, dry and big, definitely worth drinking again, although it was $50 — a year ago

Cambridge Brewing Co.

Flower Child IPA

Hop dry, floral, grapefruit through the finish, fairly light and refreshing. Pretty decent. — 2 years ago

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@James Forsyth Cheers 🍻

La Crema

Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2018

Light, some fruit, and toasty.

August 2021 Cambridge.
— 3 months ago

Cambridge Road

Syrah 2013

Sadly just about a year too late on this one. Marvelous rich dark fruit. One of the bottles we shipped back from our NZ trip. Shame, but bringing back lovely memories. Giving good rating based on tasting at the winery. — 9 months ago

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Aubaï Mema

Albion Chardonnay Viognier 2016

Ron R

Many social platforms today use the term "social" (as an adjective) to describe the value they would like their platforms to provide. I feel many fall short. You have loads of friends on the other platforms; yet, they are friends of nobody, really. I consider Delectable to be different. @Bill Bender spoke of this so eloquently a while back. My prose in no way could ever rival a Cambridge Don, but I'd like to tip my hat to the points that he made. First, I have made many close friends here; you know who you are. I can't say that for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, et al? Wine is sometimes considered an odd, and somewhat obscure passion. But I find clarity amongst this obscurity, because of your posts and scores that you share. But I always find gems, such as this one shared by Paul T. $5 from K&L, its criminal! Most of the peeps I follow share great tips, like this one! So for this reason, I thank Delectable for providing the opportunity to expand my true network of friends, and grow my knowledge of fine wines. Renovation update - second staircase has been removed. Additional framing has been installed to support the sheetrock behind the 2nd staircase. With any luck the second staircase will be installed just before thanksgiving. — 2 years ago

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Mark Turner

Mark Turner

@Ron R well said. I think the thing that differentiates Delectable is we all share the same passion for wine and genuinely want to share reference points with one another so we all get collectively smarter. As you have so eloquently pointed out, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a bottle of wine you really enjoy. As long as it continues to be about sharing knowledge for the greater good this will continue to be a place to build friendships.
Ron R

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@Peter Zandbergen, Thank you so much!!! I love Belgium. I lived in Waterloo (ex-pat ghetto) for a year or so. I have promised to take my wife there, soon. When we plan our trip, I reach out to you.
Ron R

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@Mark Turner, I couldn’t agree with you more, and thank you for your kind words...


Toscana Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

August 2021 Cambridge

Nice cabernet
— 3 months ago


Rosso Toscano Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Cambridge Wines Aug 2021

Random find at the local wine shop. My wife really enjoyed and we were pleasantly surprised.
— 3 months ago

Esk Valley

Pinot Noir 2018

Purchased from Cambridge Wine Merchants. Absolutely delicious — a year ago