Bombay Gin

Caledonia Spirits

Barr Hill Gin

Precise nose of beeswax and juniper that becomes clove and chive, jasmine carnation and magnolia, candied lemon peel, ginger and dill. The palate is juniper berry leaping from the glass, juniper flower, bee pollen, orange blossom, lemon blossom, coriander, violets, lavender, peppercorn edge, celeriac root, and depth! This is thick fare, with heat and resonance. #barrhill #barrhillgin #caledoniaspirits #caledoniaspiritsbarrhillgin #gin #moderngin #vermont #vermontgin #juniper #rawhoney #craftgin — 20 days ago

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Amabuki Shuzo

Amabuki Gin no Kurenai Junmai

Rose colored sake! — a month ago

Far North Spirits

Solveig Gin

Lavender, thyme, juniper summer creamsicle. Lovely with a bouquet of fragrant white lilies from the market.

I drank this straight and while it would do well in a cocktail or with club soda/tonic, I think this actually drinks straight pretty well and beats Roku, in my humble opinion, in that realm. Used to be my go-to. Uncle Val’s is still definitely my top-liner, though. Tough to beat. But hey the Minnesotans know what they’re doing on this one...
— 2 months ago

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Josh Morgenthau

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Gin is my guilty pleasure (guilty only because the hangover is so bad). St. George and all these are great. For balance and complexity in a dry gin though, to my taste, Cotswolds always takes the cake. And it’s so generously priced!
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

@Severn Goodwin love Monkey 47 as a top shelf sipping gin. I’m just always looking for good value in gin and mainly mixing cocktails with refreshing ingredients. Will have to pick up St. George’s! Thanks for the rec.
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

@Josh Morgenthau i think I’ve drank so much gin over the years that I’m immune to the hangovers at this point haha. Not a good thing. Love Cotswalds. Love Brockman’s. Both for the value. The four bottles I always keep in stock are Uncle Val’s, Gunpowder, Hendricks (because come on it is a pretty good standard) and Empress for showy purple gin/sodas and pink gin/tonics. I should add Cotswalds to the list!

Boulder Spirits

Barrelled Ginskey Gin

Smells great. Had it in a mule. Needed a tad less bitters and ginger. — 8 days ago

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Small Batch London Dry Gin

Please feel free to drop by for cocktail hour ! — a month ago

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Anthony De Blasi

Anthony De Blasi

Where can I check in? 🤣


Premium Irish Poitin 1849

Nice little concoction when you’re out of gin & tonic
Distillery notes,

Claimed to be the world's oldest distilled drink - Poitín is the father of Irish whiskey (AKA - moonshine as we'd call it in the USA). First made by Irish monks in the 6th century in monastaries like Glendalough it was known as Uisce beatha or aqua vitae in Latin - the water of life. Today Glendalough's Poitín is triple distilled in a traditional copper pot-still using malted barley and pure spring water. It has a slightly floral nose with pretty and heady fruit tones. The taste is shockingly smooth and mellow given the 55%. Again a surprisingly fruity essence.
— 9 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Paul T- Huntington Beach What a great description “the water of life “...makes you feel cool and righteous (monks) while you wipe yourself out..🤪😎

Bombay Gin

Sapphire London Dry Gin

Pretty blue bottle contains the ideal gin for a delightful summery G and T. 🍸

•40% ABV• September 10, 2020
— a month ago

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@MaJ CappS Definitely the best tonic! Fever Tree makes a great cocktail. Canada Dry is good in a pinch.
Willie Carter

Willie Carter

Old reliable!
Serge S

Serge S


Dubrovnik Republic

Dry Dalmatian Gin

The most herbaceous gin out there. Makes the Botanist taste two dimensional. If you like that equation then look no further.... — 3 months ago

Ed Phillips & Sons

Organic Prarie Gin

I’m not too sure what they are aiming at. Not enough Juniper to be full bodied London dry style, not enough other botanicals to be a newer style. So it’s restrained. Not horrible, decent G and T. But not remarkable — 2 months ago

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Cape Aperitif

Caperitif Soet Vermoed White Blend

Perfect South Swartland vermouth. Added in equal parts with gin for a gin and tonic! Wonderful spice and floral — 2 months ago

Bob Neuman
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