Blackduck Cidery

Lassen Cidery

Wombat Flats Cider

Floral nose, some funk. Lemons
Palate is grassy, lemons, definitely a floral/herbal component, pear, peach, nectarine. Interesting. Pretty complex cider.
— 2 years ago

Le Vigne di Alice

Damàn Veneto Extra Dry Prosecco

Break it Down: Apples class. This Prosecco definitely had an apple cidery nose and palate, but super light and not sweet. A delightful glass of bubbles! — 3 years ago

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Château Barouillet

Splash! Sémillon 2018

this is such a nice pèt-nat im !!!!
it would be amazing really chilled outside on a warm day. lemony and acidic and bright and tingly. not much body and nothing too comex, just plain tasty and fun. definitely kinda cidery! a light dry cider tho, not sweet or bready

(Urban Grape, imp. Ideal Wines)
— 5 years ago

Eve's Cidery

Kingston Black 2018

One of my favorites! Tastes like fall. Blend of apples, pear, and crabapples. — 3 years ago

Eve's Cidery

Perry Pear Sparkling Pear Cider 2018

Yummy! Dry! Fall in a bottle. — 3 years ago

Momento Mori

Fist Full Of Flowers Red Blend

One of my favorite #orange wines. Hazy, cidery, juicy, totally funky skin contact vibes. Doesn’t suffer from being overly dry like some organes. Stock up for summer as it doesn’t suffer in flavour when it warms slightly on a hot afternoon. — 4 years ago

Jean-Pierre Robinot

Les Vignes De L'Ange Vin Cuvée Bistrologie Chenin Blanc 2015

One of the best wines I’ve had in a while. Cidery and almost toeing the line of bruised apple. Later morphed and really became full of stone fruit. Apricots and canned peaches. This wine is alive. Just consume it over a few hours and watch it change in the glass. — 5 years ago

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Katie O

Katie O

I’m sold. Where did you pick this up?

Potter's Craft Cidery

Sapling Series Grapefruit Hibiscus

The first bottle of potters was so good I had to open another one and it is fantastic. This will be a favorite going forward! The grapefruit is subtle and is balanced with the hibiscus. Lovely! — 3 years ago

Patrice Colin

Pierre à Feu Coteaux du Vendômois Chenin Blanc 2017

Dominant green apple flavor, almost cidery, but there’s good depth of flavor, including melon and citrus. Also honeysuckle and a hint of spice, all supported by a nice backbone of mouth watering acidity. — 4 years ago

Jean-Pierre Robinot

Les Vignes de L’Ange Vin - Cuvée Nocturne Coteaux du Loir Pineau d'Aunis

This was a really cool (and different) wine. Straw yellow, cidery taste - ever changing and delicious. — 5 years ago

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