Bianchetta Genovese

Col Tamarie

Bio Glera Blend

Skin contact wine - tastes like a mimosa — 5 months ago

Bersi Serlini

Brut Franciacorta Rose

Tart, sour cherry like a lot of Franciacorta, low alcohol, and wonderful with platters of al dente trofie and genovese pesto! — 2 years ago

Grizzly Republic

Paso Robles Bianchetta 2013

Such a smooth and refreshing white. — 3 years ago

Consorzio Vini Tipica di San Marino

Sterpeto Riserva Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2009

Delicious, nice blends. Goes perfectly well with the best Pesto outside of Genovese territory. — 4 years ago


Ü Pastine Portofino Bianchetta Genovese 2015

Very good, though perhaps past its prime a bit and starting to show a little less character than I'd like. A nice acidity to match it's sunny yellow hue, taste of lemon rind and citrus, medium body, with a lot of rocky minerals and terrain. It is nice to have a wine focus on minerality vs fruit forward compounds. Hope to score a bottle of this a bit younger next time. — 6 months ago

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Via dei Mille

Millesimato Prosecco Verdiso Perdra Bianchetta

Love- mercantile and mash — 2 years ago

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Bio Vio

Bon in Da Bon Pigato di Albenga

My favourite Pigato... fresh, mineral, with hints of delicate herbs that reminds me Liguria... A perfect matching with pesto alla genovese! — 3 years ago

Clos Culombu

Storia di E Signore White Blend 2016

From our 8/18 stop in Corsica. Picked blind in local shop. Brustianu, Cualtacciu, Biancu Ghjentile, Cudiverta, Riminese, Genovese blend. 12.3alc. Recalling super aromatics and well balanced mouthfeel 2 weeks ago when shared. Delicious! Looks like no one else on Delectable knows this one... — a year ago

Fall Line Winery

Exhibition Red Wine 2012

Nose of blackberry bramble just after the fog has been absorbed and the sun starts it’s magnifying bake..

Blueberry skin, pomegranate rind, genovese basil. Lingering pomelo zest, lightly integrated body floating on a lightly tannic wine.

Worth a tipple.
— 2 years ago

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Lovely seasonal background in your photo.🍂


Ciliegiolo Rosé 2014

Ruby red color with a sweet, candied fragrance. Very obvious cherry and blackberry tartness. It's a Genovese wine so of course this is one for seafood. — 4 years ago