Benriach Distillery Company

Distillery Palenque

Coyote Mezcal Joven 2017

This is El Jolgorio Coyote. Rarely found black bottle distilled in 2017. This a awesome. I had already written notes but since this is not in @Delectable and ask for them to identify (and gave great details of this including name, etc and notes) which were erased. The best Coyote I’ve had to date. — 16 days ago

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Matsui Distillery

Aged 12 Kurayoshi Malt Whisky

Smooth, lightly smoky flavor and smooth. Great whisky — 19 days ago

Rowan's Creek Distillery

Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Nice nightcap 🥃 — 16 days ago

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Distillery Palenque

Jalal's 2018

This is El Jolgorio Jabali. Black bottle very floral and expressive. Notes and name erased with bottle numbers etc as this was not in @delectable and erased when asked to identify — 16 days ago

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Artemisia Bugnon Distillery

La Clandestine Absinthe Supérieure

Made w/ Grande and Petit wormwoods. 8 other botanicals. Feminine. 53% ABV. — a day ago

Warfield Distillery

No Return Gin

Gin from Sun Valley, Idaho. — 19 days ago

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@Michael Mugmon Cheers 🍸

Journeyman Distillery

Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey

Need a wider mouth snifter for my exotic ice cube.

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— 11 days ago

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Ohishi Distillery

Ohishi Sherry Whisky

100% rice whisky / floral, honey and caramel on the nose, dried dark fruit- palate / sherry, vanilla and nutty- blend of gohyakumanishi and mochi rice. 🌾 — 24 days ago

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