Bele Casel

Bele Casel

Vecchie Uve Asolo Prosecco

Always good drinking here at the PA/DE state line. Very very good Prosecco here. Brioche with a touch of honey. — 2 months ago

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Bele Casel

Asolo Superiore Prosecco

Crisp and refreshing. — 4 years ago

Bele Casel

Montillo E Colli Asolani Extra Dry Prosecco

Great with a frozen strawberry in it — 6 years ago

Nancy Staller
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Bele Casel

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore

Not a big white wine fan, but this was awesome. First experience was at food and wine festival. . — 8 years ago

Bele Casel

Col Fondo Veneto Prosecco


8/15/20 at parents with mix of home cooking and spicy take out from Bear Chinese place. The most unusual Prosecco with second fermentation in bottles without disgorging and so it’s cloudy. Interesting complex nose with minerals and some funk. Very lively texture and a bit sour that’s perfect for the mix of food. From Moore Brothers. Next day about 120ml in less than full Cali bottle so bubbles are gone but the essence remains. The nose is now more mature white fruits with hints of mild ginger and the texture is almost creamy. Yum. Excellent. Upping a pointer 9.2. Best Prosecco I’ve ever tasted. — 5 months ago

Collovray ET Terrier

Chemins de Casel Chardonnay

Very balanced Chardonnay. Easy to drink — 5 years ago

Bele Casel

Extra Dry Asolo Prosecco Superiore

Very enjoyable Prosecco on the sweeter side (Extra Dry), with pleasant bubbles and a good yeasty flavor. I like this Asolo style sparkling wine. — 8 months ago

Bele Casel

Extra Brut Asolo Superiore Prosecco

DOCG prosecco from Asolo as a BTG happy hour pour. My oh my. Not sure if this is secondary bottle fermentation, which is practiced in DOCG Cartizze or if it is gased in tank. But I like....update, not secondary fermentation in bottle, but their Colfòndo is. Gotta seek it out. — 3 years ago

Temet Winery

Tri Bele White Blend 2014

Tart and dry. A bit of sparkle to it .. Nice minerality and notes of flowers grapefruit, a little starfruit. — 6 years ago

Curtis Wolff
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