Baja California, Mexico

Bodegas Origen

Primus Aguascalientes Tempranillo Blend 2013

Sabor poco común, un poco más floral y sería exótico.Este vino de Aguascalientes fue insuperable acompañando mi crema de almejas. No tan salado como los de Baja California ni tan mineralizado como la mayoría de Querétaro. De hecho, la última vez que probé un vino mexicano tan peculiar pero delicioso fue con un Cuna di Tierra de Guanajuato. Muyyyyy recomendable.😋

Unusual flavor, a little more floral and exotic. This wine from Aguascalientes was second to none accompanying my cream of clams. Not as salty as those of Baja California or as mineralized as most of Querétaro. In fact, the last time I tasted such a peculiar but delicious Mexican wine was with a Cuna di Tierra de Guanajuato. Muyyyyy recommendable😋
— 15 days ago

Canto de Luna

Valle de Guadalupe Tempranillo Blend 2017

Or local wine shop included this in Reds around the World Wine Club. Have to say, this one surprised me! Delicious! — 17 days ago

El Cielo

Copernicus Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Surprisingly enjoyable all the way. May have helped to be in Cancun while leaving in Canada... — 7 days ago

Torres Alegre

Cru Garage Grenache 2012

Very good red reminds me of a nice Light California cab. Better than a 8.9 it’s more like a 9.0 — 14 days ago

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Hacienda La Lomita

Sacro Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Good Mexican wine .. one of the best wines from El Valle de Guadalupe . — 4 days ago

Vino De La Reina

Pinot Noir 2013

Tempranillo. A great baja wine. Fruity start that leads to a great earthy middle and ends with a tinge of peppery spice. — 23 days ago

Monica MartinJennifer Bartlett
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Tinto Mexicano

Cabernet Sauvignon Petite Syrah Grenache

Been sitting on this for a while. Very good but incredibly spicy for a wine. Not in a bad way but just surprised. Black cherry and pepper notes. — 13 days ago

Santo Tomás

Valle de Santo Tomás Merlot 2016

Gift from Leslie's family on Grandma's 100th Birthday. Very surprised. Much better than what we have found at Valle de Guadalupe. — 17 days ago

Norte 32

Etiqueta Blanca Cabernet Sauvignon

Well balanced, elegant wine. — 2 days ago

Tommi Kuukka
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