Bairrada, Beiras

Caves São João

Poço do Lobo Arinto 1995

1995 | Arinto
Caves São João; Poço do Lobo
Cova de Beira, Portugal
(91-93; Drink 2025-30)
— 2 months ago

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That is some pull…
Jay Kline

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I love these so much. Some of the more interesting whites I have ever had. Sort of remind me of LdH Blanco…but different

Filipa Pato

3B Bairrada Rosé Espumante Baga

The label would normally be off putting to me, but I’m always interested in a female vintner, especially when she is the daughter of a famous Portuguese maker. What a revelation-drinks more like a sparkling Savoie or alpine rose. Close to the bone dry. Lovely pink color. Fine mousse. I love that label now…. — 4 months ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Filipa Pato wines are 🍀

Pedra Cancela

Dão Selecao do Enologo Red Blend 2019

Bought in London for me & Kristen but drinking alone in 4S-Tunis. V good esp for what I think was the price point! — 6 months ago

Sidónio de Sousa

Bairrada Baga 2017

Great structure but accessible now, dark earthy fruit profile with a bit of game, leather and smoke — 3 months ago

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Tom Casagrande

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Love wines from Bairrada.

Quinta de Lemos

Dona Santana Touriga Nacional Blend 2006

Cork disintegrated but this Dao is exceptional. Totally resolved, with nicely ripe fruit mingling with secondary and tertiary leather and dusty gravel notes. Velvety textured. Acids balanced. It could actually hold a few more years. — 4 months ago

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Caves São João

Quinta do Poço do Lobo Cabernet Sauvignon 1995

A very nice wine. Beautifully aged — 3 months ago

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Casa de Mouraz

Dão Red Blend

Quite good! Very easy to drink. — 2 months ago

Luis Pato

Vinho Branco Beiras Maria Gomes 2022

John at MB. Super cheap clean really nice — 4 months ago

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Caves São João

Frei João Bairrada Baga Blend

While I have great respect and appreciation for wines like these I simply don’t have the palate for them.

Iodine, beef blood, smoky BBQ. I’m sure this is lights out with a dry aged ribeye but a 2oz. pour is enough for me. Very reminiscent of the 1969 Colares I had a few months back. Properly stored.
— 7 months ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Nice, I've also had this '85, but not the Reserva. Fun stuff.
Austin Hohnke

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@Severn Goodwin good catch, I adjusted the identified wine. About to try it with flank stank and charred scallions. Cheers!