Baden, Germany


Jaspis Alte Reben Gutedel 10 4 2016

Most in the blind thought it was at least a 1er Chablis. Very good guess I would say. It's impressive, just a little oakey and could do with a little more precision. Extract was sufficient but perhaps a little less than one would expect from top Burgundian domaines. Not a bad thing because I really liked this wine. So fine, pure, and mineral. The nose is flinty, woody, and smokey with the stone fruits playing second fiddle. Juicy and salty on the palate. Finishes round and long. I can definitely see why Hanspeter calls this his "Coche". I think some age could make this a mind-blowing wine. Btw, this is Chasselas 😉 — 15 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Aaron Tan Hanspeter doesn't give this stuff away, that's for sure. I pay AUD 165 equivalent in the US, I'm sure it's pricier to get it done there.
Aaron Tan

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@Severn Goodwin Still not cheap, but at that price... It sure does give white burg a good run for the money.
Severn Goodwin

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@Aaron Tan Agreed, but good to have some 🦄 bottles in the cellar, unique stuff, unique place.

Meyer-Näkel & Klumpp

Grauburgunder 2018

UBBBP Vol. 29, Martin mit einem Piraten und Platz 5, 89,30 Punkte — 15 days ago

Stephan LappasNiels IndefreyMichael Atzei
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Enderle & Moll

Pinot a Trois 2013

Lovely pure cherry juice. A hint of soatburgundery bitterness. Some cranberry.

Bought from fass selections.
— a month ago

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Enderle & Moll

Buntsandstein Pinot Noir 2015

Lyle Fass

Words will fail me. Nose changed 100 times and the texture so delicate yet so opulent yet so intense. Just a mesmerizing bottle of wine and the finest German Pinot I’ve had in my life. — 6 days ago

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Franz Keller

Oberbergener Baßgeige Spätburgunder

South Germany is beginning to do Pinot Noirs.

Vineyard is know for Pinot Blancs.

Tart, but not bitter. Long finish.

Complexity with dark fruit.

Part of red wine mafia!! One of my favorites.
— 2 days ago

Enderle & Moll

Liaison Pinot Noir 2016

The best Pinot under $50 — 6 days ago

Diana Cho
with Diana
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But you should be paying much less than that...
Jae Cho

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@Severn Goodwin I paid $35 but there seems to be a lot of price lability for even just modestly recognized quality in this band. But this wine just crushes the competition 💪
Severn Goodwin

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@Jae Cho Solid, $35 is in the zone for reasonable price, fully agree on the crushing.

Enderle & Moll

Baden Pinot Noir 2016

Really delicious. Soft aromas in the glass - strawberry and resin and light cherry - and the palate carries this through. Delicate but substantive, with a nice long finish with lifted acid. Have wanted to try stuff from E&M for a long time but this is the first time - excited for more! — 12 days ago

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Matt Perlman

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Love these guys

Andreas Laible

Durbacher Plauelrain Klingelberger Spätlese Trocken Riesling 2013

Lyle Fass

OMFG this is in the zone. Stunning nose of apricot, hint of the best honey, floral, so perfumed and expressive. Citrus pith. So vivid. Tangerine, kumqwat. Palate is crazy complex with incredible apricot and peach fruit that is so focused with outstanding minerality and persistence. Fresh and textured with unreal linearity. Structured and intense and oh so juicy. Glorious. — 13 days ago

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Tschuppen Spätburgunder 2014

Dry Farm Wine. Weingut ziereisen Blauer Spatburgunder 2014 “Tschuppen” — 7 days ago


Rhini Blauer Spätburgunder 2014

Wow. So well made. Pure cherry juice on the palate. So fresh. Some minerality. Reminds me of pomnier Bourgogne rouge a bit stylistically. A wine you can drink but so well made you have to appreciate the artistry. Lovely finish. Clingy texturally a bit

I like the nose. Very clean cherry. A hint of cherry licorice.

As@this opens much better Sappier. Really sick fruit. Nose gets a touch of blueberry. More spice

Bought from fass selections.
— a month ago

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