Alit Wines

Alit Wines

12 East 12 Stardance Vineyards Pinot Noir 2017

Reductive and enticing. As it blows over dense dark cherry, black raspberry, honey, clove.

Super velvety and smooth.
— 10 months ago

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Finca Sandoval

Manchuela 2003

Love it. All the things I like. Big syrupy mouthfeel, loads of character and layers of funky smells Stewed veggies and alit of barnyard grunginess, touch of VA. Long length. It’s so different and it feels like TERRIOR whatever the hell thats suppose to mean. I really like this. — 2 years ago

Alit Wines

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2015

Medium bodied, ripe fruit but pretty dry with good tannins. Plum, blackberry, ripe cherry, a little funk, vanilla, and a touch of smoke. From Perry’s, Provincetown. — 10 months ago

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Red Rock Winery

Reserve California Malbec 2010

Fruity. Very smooth. Not alit of tannings. Very nice affordable Malbec — 8 years ago

E. Guigal

Côtes du Rhône Red Rhône Blend 2016

Before decanting. Colour - dark ruby red, very little light passing through. On the nose, a lot of plums, black currants, oak, smoke and a lot of tannins on the nose. Taste - very oaky, fruity with plums, lots of black currants. Akin to a winter night in a cabin log with a fireplace alit. — a year ago

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Eileen Tan

Eileen Tan

After decanting - on the nose it’s full of black currants, as if it’s a hot summer day and rongy forced me to go to garsons and when sweltering in the heat, we walked over to the black currants field and felt a breeze and caught a whiff of the black currants in the heat. Taste - a lot of oak and tannins but smooth and easy to drink. A lot of black currant, some herbs and with a little taste of spices at the end. Long lasting after taste.