Alghero, Sassari

Sella & Mosca

Spumante Brut XXX Alghero Torbato

I was curious to try this forgotten grape, which was saved by Sella & Mosca, and I’m glad I did! Starting off with the issues, they must have had some stabilization issues because there’s a bit of sediment so the glass has zero bubbles within seconds of being poured. The nose is fruity but with great restraints on ripeness, with white peach, pear, some lemon and plenty of salinity. Good acidity on the palate, the salinity is prominent together with a touch of phenolics which doesn’t detract from the experience. This would be great with some time on the lees, I think that’s what they do for their premium bottle — 11 days ago

Vigne Surrau

Juannisolu Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Vermentino

Fruitier than I expected! I really enjoyed it. I feel like this is a good fall / winter white. — 2 years ago

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Vigna'ngena Vermentino Di Gallura 2017

Quite unlike a Ligurian Vermentino, this Capichera Vign’Angena from Sardegna is rich with tropical fruits, peach and honey with a golden colour and long aftertaste! — a month ago

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Vigne Surrau

Vermentino di Gallura 2020

John Howard

Trippy. Smells like a pea plant. Good. — 2 months ago

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Tenute Dettori

Tuderi Badde Nigolosu Rosso Romangia Cannonau 2010

Jeremy Shanker

Like top CDP in Sardegna. Delicious — 9 months ago

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Vigna‘ngena Vermentino di Gallura 2017

Одуванчик, огурец, кервель, яблоневый цвет, нарцисс, мякоть грейпфрута, лайм, зелёное яблоко. Вкус - цитрусово-минеральный. Очень освежающее, гармоничное. Кислотность - выше средней. В послевкусии - горьковатые нотки грейпфрута. Очень интересно и симпатично. — 2 years ago

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Piero Mancini

Vermentino di Gallura 2020

Jill M

Soft, medium acidity, light citrus, very refreshing. Divine with cacio e pepe. — a month ago

Dave M
with Dave

Cantina Pedres

Brino Vermentino di Gallura 2018

Great aftertaste floral and interesting. Dry and great w sea urchin linguini — 6 months ago

Sella & Mosca

Alghero Rosato 2020

Light body. Not overly fruity or dry. Pleasant on hot day between meals. — 10 months ago