A.a. Badenhorst Family Wines

A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines

Ramnasgras Cinsault 2017

Dried currants, roses, orange peel, nutty quality, date, strawberry fruit leather, very lifted, complex, great body, great acidity, nice length, great with smoked meats, jammy (strawberry jam), food friendly but gulpable on its own, flinty/smoky edge (slight tarriness), older Barolo / Barbaresco-esque, really enjoyable, 13% — 12 hours ago

A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines

Swartland Red Rhone Blend 2014

Black cherry, incense, smoked bell pepper, salty licorice. Young and full of energy. — 23 days ago

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A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines

Coastal Region White Rhône Blend 2016

A very nice white- medium body, golden yellow, good nose, some citrus. On the tongue a touch of butter, “not ripe” peach or apricot, ends with some alcohol down the throat. At Parcelle Wine School Blind Tasting, Feb 25th. — 3 months ago

A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines

Secateurs Red Rhône Blend 2011

South African Rhône Style Blend. (A hefty amount of Cinsault and just a touch of Pinotage is added). Classic Rhône barnyard funk on the nose along with pepper spice and smoke. Ripe current and strawberry fruit on the pallet. Outstanding quality for the price. So well made and extremely versatile. Drink young or let it age a bit. (Like I did with this one). Great with food. — 12 days ago

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A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines

Kalmoesfontein White Blend 2016

This Kalmoesfontein White Blend from A.A. Badenhorst was recommended by Tony as a “weird and funky” pairing for Field and Main’s meal of the day! Beautiful golden coloring, honey on the nose that it keeps on he palate while remaining dry. Notes of mint, other herbs, slate and even a little licorice! Definitely weird, interesting, and makes me want to keep tasting - which I guess is the point. — 2 months ago

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A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines

Shiraz Grenache Cinsault Tinta Barocca 2016

Swartland elegance with power in reserve — 4 months ago

A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines

Secateurs Swartlandse Shiraz Blend 2016

Super yummy. Nice fruit, tannins. For the price, one of the best wines I’ve had. Very drinkable. Got it at FLX Provisions. — 2 days ago

A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines

Secateurs Shiraz Blend

The blending of a magical Shiraz along with the Cinsault and Grenache is a perfect symphony that harmonizes the floral bouquets along with some zestful spices. — 15 days ago