Vrsaćki Vinogradi

Vinogradi Fon

La Bella Malvasia 2017

Rich for a white wine. Kept on the must? — 3 months ago

Joyce Acheson
with Joyce

Vinogradi Nuić

Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

What a surprisingly good wine! On nose dark berries and some floral aromas, on palate ripe cherries, almost you could eat them. Fruit bomb rather similar to good Nappa CSs. I just love it! — 2 years ago

Križevacki Vinogradi

Graševina Križevačka 2011

Very nice had it with a sea bass a dry white — 7 years ago

Vinogradi Fon

Selezione Kras Malvasia

I’m not generally a white wine drinker, but damn this is excellent! Smooth. Complex for a white. — 5 months ago

Vinogradi Nuić

Trnjak 2015

Not bad for breakfast wine (on holiday, don’t judge 😁)very drinkable and starter wine for the day. — 2 years ago

Vrsaćki Vinogradi

Banatski Rizling 2012

Banatski Rizling, fine quality Serbian wine. Nothing special but essential for the summer time — 6 years ago

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Toplicki Vinogradi

Prokupac Epigenia 2017

Dark rusty blood magenta color, smell has sorrel, strawberry, chalk and loamy earth, the tasty is tart but slightly sweet and tangy, the end is sweet, acidic and grippy, slight stickiness with a mineral orange strawberry raspberry 8.9 — 10 months ago

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Vinogradi Fon

Vista Kras Malvasia 2012

Very interesting glass to follow up to the valentini. Skin contact gives it weight and texture. Medium to full bodied. Tasty — 3 years ago

Vinogradi Fon

Kras Vitovska

Marko Fon Vinogradi, questa è una vitovska bevuta a capodanno 2013 da Valter Kramar e Ana Roš. Vino opulento sentori di distillato molto concentrato e sicuramente l'eleganza non è la definizione più centrata. Non mi ha rapito il cuore ma comunque voglio berlo nuovamente e assaggiare anche il terlano rosso ed anche la malvasia. — 7 years ago

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