Viticoltori De Conciliis

Viticoltori De Conciliis

Donnaluna Aglianico

Impressive—strong intro to the joys of Aglianiaco — 3 months ago

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Cavit SC Trento (Cantina Viticoltori Soc. Coop. [C.V. S.C.])

Maso S. Valentino Trentino Pinot Nero

Smoked sausage, old lady perfume, leather, cocoa, wet clay, decaying underbrush, blood, red meat, dried red berries, jammy dark fruit.

Grippy m tannins on tongue, rest are soft.
— 6 months ago

Tommasi Viticoltori

Palanca Lugana Verdicchio 2019

Crisp, citrus. A little acid. Tried it with salmon, but it clashed with the honey-lemon sauce. It was the sweetness. Worked OK with cauliflower, and oddly enough with spicy chips. I like it but wonder about pairing. Maybe chipotle chicken or ham. — 2 months ago

Cantina Viticoltori Senesi Aretini

Gatto Grasso Vino Rosso Red Blend

Juicy, bright, lightly effervescent and awesome. Fun bright light great. — 3 months ago

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Jeremiah Glazer

Jeremiah Glazer

Damn I was just looking at this one but didn’t purchase. Duly noted for next time!

Cantina Viticoltori del Monferrato

Iuli Umberta Barbera

Excellent nice floral bouquet — 2 months ago

Cavit SC Trento (Cantina Viticoltori Soc. Coop. [C.V. S.C.])


Bought to make Negronis, and great on its own. Lots of acidity, paired well with two white pizzas — 2 months ago

Cavit SC Trento (Cantina Viticoltori Soc. Coop. [C.V. S.C.])

Roscato Prosecco Glera

I dont like sweet but it was good! Sweet lovers loved it 🍷 — 6 months ago