Veritas Vineyard

Veritas Vineyard

Monticello Petit Verdot 2017

Great bouquet- will try again. — 3 days ago

Veritas Vineyard

Claret Monticello Merlot Blend 2010

A fine unique blend. Dry well balanced and very smooth. The aroma hints at bold and rich but the palate comes across light and clean. More like a Pinot flavors. Then it ends with strong alcohol though the label says 13%. Very enjoyable being tasty and unique. — 9 months ago

Château Tour Sieujean

Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 2016

Good cabernet dominated Pauillac! Classic Bordeaux vibes. In vino veritas. — a year ago

Paul Bara

Grand Brut Champagne Rosé Blend

Another old friend. The tag old reliable doesn’t quite do it justice because it’s much more than that. It’s so classy and beautiful.

A rather subtle, paler shade of pink. Bubbles are sparse in the Riedel Veritas champagne glass. Full and creamy with a lovely bouquet. Blood orange and a whiff of passionfruit to start with. This is not a powerhouse nose that blows you away. It lulls you into a sense of security and warmth like a familiar lover. The memory of her and the scent of this turns you wistful. Lemon rind and faded strawberries along with crushed herbs. By letting it sit in the glass for a bit you’ll be rewarded with greenery and autumn flowers and her.

As is typical for a Bouzy champagne, this is predominantly Pinot Noir with 20% Chardonnay. A hefty amount of still red wine added to the blend which lends it viscosity and character. Incredibly engaging and charming, this is not another run of the mill rosé. There’s power here but the grace and lithe nature steal the show. Juicy red berries on the attack matched by vanilla and dare I say it, a touch of sexy funk. Warm, toasted biscuits and tart acidity. Please don’t think of this just as another pink sparkler, it’s a cut above. It dances in your memory.
— a month ago

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Perfect lighting in the photo! Lovely review!🍾🥂

Rolf Binder/Veritas

Heysen Shiraz 2015

Ripe, juicy berry and spice flavours from a winemaker who knows what he is doing. A classic Barossa shiraz with many years of good drinking. — 10 months ago

Warner Vineyards

Veritas Red Blend

Nice example of a Michigan red blend in the style of Bordeaux. Starts full fruit and finishes drier with some mild tannin. Worked well with venison enchiladas. — 2 years ago

Rasa Vineyard

Veritas Sequitur SJR Vineyard Syrah

Amazing purity of fruit — 9 months ago

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Veritas Winery

Rolf Binder's Bulls Blood Pressings Shiraz Mataro 2008

sweet and raspberry. mataro is not bad — 10 months ago

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Veritas Vineyard

Harlequin Chardonnay

A VA Chardonnay that will convince you to explore more. Winemaker Emily Pelton is incredibly gifted. Drink it if you have it! — 10 months ago

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Ron from VA

Ron from VA

Laura, I actually had a 2012 in my cellar for a number of years, and I agree totally! Emily is stride-for-stride with Matthieu Finot, as she crafts elegance that maximizes her terroir. A fabulous family venture where her brother and sister contribute equally as much. Success is no accident at Veritas ;)
Laura Purdy

Laura Purdy

@Ron from VA agreed! I am never disappointed with Veritas. They continue to raise the bar for VA wine!