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IXXV White Blend

Lavender and Chardonnay grapes. Beautiful beer. Crisp, just tart. Doesn’t taste its alc. — 7 months ago

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Bruery Terreux

Ngongo Foeder-Aged Saison Ale

This is great. So refreshing and drinkable. Perfect sweet/sour balance. Honey, chamomile and lemon come through. Really enjoyed. — 8 months ago

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6 Geese-A-Laying Belgian Strong Ale

This is better than 5 gold rings, but still really sweet. I know these are meant to be sweet, but there is just nothing in opposition to that. A bit of berries but not tart at all. There is definitely a good malt backbone that gives Belgian style but just too sweet. Purchased 2013. — 2 years ago

The Bruery

Bakery Boysenberry Pie

Boysenberries tartness. Great fruit. Age worthy. — 8 months ago

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Bruery Terreux

This Is Mrs. Ridiculous

Mixed culture sour with Pinot grapes aged in oak. — 8 months ago

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5 Golden Rings Spiced Golden Ale 2012

Age has turned this into pineapple caramel port. It’s tasty. Maybe two years too old. — 2 years ago

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Terreux Beret Imperial Sour Wit Ale

Beautiful. Just beautiful. — 5 years ago

The Bruery

Sticky Nanners Flapjack Stout

This tastes like liquid dark chocolate banana s’mores. Not beer and s’mores- just dark chocolate banana s’mores. I couldn’t stop drinking this. Bitter, sweet, chocolate upfront, subtle banana, bourbon on the mid-palate and finishes maple. Tasty! Buy! If you can, age. — 8 months ago

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The Bruery

All the Cows Chocolate Imperial Milk Stout

This is dangerous! So smooth, chocolate- sweet but not cloying. So often the bourbon barrel is too much and out of place. It’s perfect here. 13.7%. — 8 months ago

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Mélange No. 10 American Strong Ale 2015

White chocolate cherry cocao insanity — 5 years ago