Tenute Dettori

Tenute Dettori

Renosu Rosso Sennori Monica Cannonau

So juicy and light. Really lovely. — 6 months ago

Tenute Dettori

Moscadeddu Badde Nigolosu Bianco Romangia Moscato 2013

Where do I start?? Imagine an orange wine mating with a moscato grape, dipped in sherbet... STRONG notes of ginger, honey, and lychee. A game changer of the sweet wine world. I'm in heaven 😵 — 6 years ago

Jiga Hitorn
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Tenute Dettori

Rosso Romangia Cannonau 2006

Most unusual and delightfully so. Where the heck is the 16% ABV concealed? Very balanced for such an alcoholic wine. — 6 years ago

Martine Wicks
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Shobbrook Wines

Riesling 2016

I really like this one
Very complex from A to Z
Made in ceramic eggs
It has character, length, freshness
It has a very Italian feeling
It reminds me of a Massa vecchia vermentino called Ariento or a Dettori bianco(again vermentino)
I will be trying to buy more
I would love to buy magnums, u need big formats at hand with this wine
— 4 years ago

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Tenute Dettori

Renosu Bianco Sennori White Blend 2015

Enjoyed with our first course at Osteria Venice West in Venice CA. Worked with both Beet salad and fresh mussels. — 6 years ago

Tenute Dettori

Ottomarzo Badde Nigolosu Rosso Romangia Pascale

Very smooth - not a lot of after taste. — 7 years ago

Tenute Dettori

Badde Nigolosu Rosso Romangia Cannonau 2013

A bit like a balsamic Amarone 🤔 — 5 years ago

Tenute Dettori

Dettori Bianco Badde Nigolosu Vermentino

Weird wild wild wild wonderful — 6 years ago

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Tenute Dettori

Tenores Badde Nigolosu Rosso Romangia Cannonau 2011

Favoloso!!! Dettori non sbaglia un colpo! — 6 years ago

Tenute Dettori

Chimbanta Badde Nigolosu Rosso Romangia Monica

Casis and strawberry has a baby. Absolutely delicious. — 7 years ago

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