Szekszárd, Dunántú

Péter Wetzer

Kékfrankos 2020

Smells reminiscent of natural winemaking, cider, sour cherry, rose petal, dried and tart cranberry, Brett/barnyard, crushed stone. High acid, low tannins. Medium+ body. — a month ago

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Attila Gere

Kopár Villány Cuvée Red Blend 2017

Superbly balanced Boudreaux blend. — 6 months ago

Somlói Apátsági Pince

Juhfark 2013

Alder Yarrow

There is really only one grape variety that I know of in the world that deserves to always have an exclamation mark: Juhfark! Or as I like to shout, Juhfaaaaaaaark! (pronounced you-fark). Grown only on the tiny little hill of Somló, an ancient underwater volcano, in Southwestern Hungary, it is among my favorite grape varieties and simply one of the world’s coolest wines. @sap_somlo is one of the best producers of it, coaxing out its bee pollen and chamomile scents and electric neon lemon, citrus peel, and yellow herb flavors, all layered on top of the deep volcanic minerality. The longer you let these wines age, the more they taste like rocks. Tired of the same old flavors in your white wines? Get thee some Juhfark! — a year ago

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Somlói Vándor

Nagy-Somlói Juhfark

Really easy to like. Dusty stone dominates the nose with hints of pear and quince. Palate follows with the same mineral driven structure with stones and saline leading into a beautiful and zesty pear and lemon with hints of spice. Kind of feels like Muscadet on steroids. — a month ago

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Somlói Apátsági Pince

Furmint 2019

Wow. Furmint is awesome. — 6 months ago


Cuvée 7 Villány Merlot Blend 2015

Some cedar and cooking spices, dark fruit and a little meaty leathery. Really good and well balanced. — 2 years ago


Szekszárd Kadarka

John Howard

So lean and pretty. — 2 months ago

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Balaton Riesling/Furmint

Paradis Wine Club June 2022 — 3 months ago


Brut Prestige Furmint

Kreinbacher Prestige Brut
One of the best champagnes I’ve ever tasted!
— 10 months ago

Pannonhalmi Főapátság

Tricollis Rosé

Great value rosé! Smooth, rounded finish. — 3 years ago