Slovenska Istra, Primorska


Evin Rosé Cuvée 2022

Bordon, Evin rose 2022 — 25 days ago


Reserve Istra Refosk

Lovely, full-bodied red. Stands up to lamb chops yet, a day after opening, tadted nice with pasta, sausage, and tomato sauce. — 5 months ago


Saramento Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Smokey, blackberry, cigar box, and cedar. Firm tannins initally but opened up nicely after the first glass. Unique and interesting. Good value at $15. — 2 years ago

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Vino Col Fondo

Rodica Malvazia

We had to break out into singing the iconic Presidents of the United States of America for how peachy this Pet Nat. Salt water taffy on the nose. Strong flavors of white peach, beautiful uni salinity, and mineral. Had at Sukiban NOLA. — 4 months ago

Ginny Lewinski
with Ginny


Refosk Col Fondo

Nice and dry! — 9 months ago


Refošk Saignee

Starts out pleasant, but after 20 min in the glass, it’s really singing. I’m not usually moved by sparkling rosé but this is a real standout. Cranberry, dark cherry cordial, pomegranate, apricot kernel, almond liqueur, gingerbread spice, and rose geranium carry over from the nose to the palate. Dry, structured, and slightly tart, with a fine, lightly prickly mousse. The color is a deep cranberry red, almost more like a mid-weight Lambrusco thank a classic rosé, and the flavors are accordingly intense—which makes this an unexpectedly versatile wine for food pairing. I had it with moderately spicy Kashmiri-style fried chicken and it was a perfect match. — 2 years ago

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Istra Refošk 2020

Outstanding Slovenian Refosco — 4 months ago


Slovenska Istra Malvasia 2018

Not some weak-tasting orange wine. This one has interesting flavor without losing the nice qualities of orange wine. — 8 months ago

Black Lamb Wine

Easy Zaro Refosk

Dirt, spice market, sandalwood — 2 years ago


Renero Slovenska Istra Refosco

果実味 凄い
— 2 years ago