Santo Domingo Albarradas, Oaxaca


Mezcal Joven Ensamble Agave

Not too smokey. Mild and balanced. I do recommend this! — 2 years ago

Los Amantes

Reposado Mezcal

A little smokey with a super smooth finish. Clean and easy drinking. — 6 years ago

Eli Goldstein
with Eli

Del Maguey

Single Village Mezcal

The champ of the Vino De Mezcal series. — 7 years ago


Tobala Joven Mezcal

Smoky and floral. Delicious. — 3 years ago

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Joven Espadin Mezcal

My favorite so far... — 6 years ago


Joven Madre Cuishe Mezcal

From tasting class. Nice example of Mescal — 7 years ago

Pm Picucci
with Pm

Los Amantes

Joven Mezcal

Stupidly smooth. Lighter on the smoke than I would personally like but it makes for a delightful introduction to mezcal. A versatile cocktail mezcal too — 6 years ago


Reposado con Gusano Mezcal

Smoky fiery #Wahaka reposado cocktail @Xico. Worm included! — 7 years ago


Vino de Mezcal

Absolutely spectacular. Smoke , citrus, earth, floral with great mineral component. Lengthy and complex . A triumph — 7 years ago

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