Running Luck Ranch

Langman Estate

Herbert Ranch Sierra Foothills Zinfandel 2013

Running out of wines at the lake. — 7 months ago

David HarperJim HadleySarah Harper
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Zio Tony Ranch "Grace Nicole" Pinot Noir 2014

Glad I bought this one, but I think that this one is just way too young right now. What a layered pinot....the problem is...I think I only got through half of the layers. This one was opened with dinner. Dusty rose pour into the glass. The nose was the best part of this wine. Almost smelled like red velvet cake tastes. Black cherry mixed in there somewhere with some bramble. Really awesome nose. Three hours later, it was still pretty much the same. Went better with food, where a brambly sweeter strawberry(?) and black cherry medicinal note was on the front of the palate. Eucalyptus. It went darker in the middle for sure, and was very acidic towards the finish with a medicinal minty black cherry tart...almost a metallic kind of note. I have a few more of these, and plan to hold them for at least another year before trying another one. The bones and structure are definitely here. Intriguing pinot. I really wasn't ready to think about what I was drinking tonight, but damn the luck! — 3 years ago

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Dirty & Rowdy

Shake Ridge Ranch Mourvedre 2011

Chris Scanlan

THIS... is... Seriously. Good. Phucking. shtuff. Surprisingly good...? Maybe. Luckily good..? Perhaps. Unless you've met Dirty: Which most of the wine drinking USA has -but, rather, intentionally fucking good. AND -possibly luckily too -as long as luck has something to do with exceptionally talented farming combined with tremendous desire(s) to make vibrant and ridiculously love-able fermented grape juice of pure integrity and a casually particular design. This wine is that friend you only get to see once a year, that one you cannot wait to see again. The wine is too young to rate with any opinion other than Rawesome, and while I've only had one bottle, I've certainly not had enough to offer an opinion against Rawsome -therefore tasting notes be damned -yet, this can be said: here is a clean wine, lacking brett or VA or other 'flaws'; a bright, refreshing jubilant anthem of untainted wine, an ode to a grape that will likely become California's bastard child once popularity hits and Dirty & Rowdy prices climb to astronomical, near Tempier-like pricing and ficcichlty to come by. (I liked ficcichlty over difficulty since spellcheck kept it purposely so did I.). Oh wait, they're already ficcichlt to come by. Damn it. — 8 years ago

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Clary Ranch Syrah 2010

Running towards the end of its window, some lovely pepper and smoke, and that great minerality that A-R always show. — a year ago

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Shafer Vineyards

Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay 2016

Big Chardonnay with plenty of toast. Loaded with tropical fruits, white flowers and caramel. Rounded, creamy texture that verges on oily. Excellent extraction, very aromatic and ripe. Not as lean as I expected. California Chardonnay lovers are in luck. I’m looking for more acidity, but this is always of a high quality. — 3 years ago

Domaine Auguste Clape

St. Péray Blanc Marsanne 2012

Honeysuckle, petroleum jelly, an empty stomach and infinite euphoria. .::. Side project ultra success. This wine is a good luck charm and an easy heart stealer. As Mackey Feary once said; stop running from love. — 6 years ago

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Behrens Family Winery

Kick Ranch Petite Sirah 2011

This is def in the running for WOTN — 2 years ago

Roberta CarlinNicole C. Russo
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Hyde De Villaine

Ysabel Carneros Pinot Noir

3rd wine if the night that we enjoyed throughout the night. I've often spoken about this. I love it. Opened 2 hours prior to tasting but it really hit the ground running after 4 hours. Insanely great Pinot. Drinks like a a phenomenal Burgundy. Good luck finding a better one in Napa!😜 — 4 years ago

Christine Kirk Alexander
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Ron R

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Thanks to you, Martin, we are going to storm this bad boy tonight. Stay tuned...
Martin G Rivard

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@Mike Rowe got you covered bud!
Martin G Rivard

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@Ron R can't wait to see if my taste buds are spot on with this wine! Ysabel was singing beautifully last night after 3 hours.