Renardat Fâche


Cerdon Bugey Sparkling Rosé Poulsard Gamay

Soft bubbles and slightly sweet, tasting of strawberries. — 3 days ago


Initiale Cerdon Bugey Sparkling Rosé Poulsard Gamay

So delicious. 96% Gamay and 4% Poulsard. Ancestrale Methode. Juicy red berries, very foamy. Absolutely delicious. 8% ABV but drank dry. — 2 years ago


Bugey White Blend

Lots of residual sugar. Pear. Lovely — 4 years ago

Patrick Bottex

"La Cueille" Bugey-Cerdon Sparkling Gamay Poulsard

What's not to love here? Off-dry without really being sweet. Decent minerality. Still prefer Renardat-fache but this is no slouch. — 8 years ago

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