Palmela, Península De Setúbal

Casa Ermelinda Freitas

Moscatel de Setúbal

Last of five fun, fantastic, and frugal wines for everyday drinking, and I had to go with something odd; with a fortified wine from Portugal. And no, it’s not Porto, nor Madeira, but Moscatel de Setubal; a much lesser know surprising alternative. Impressive copper color and dense. The aromatics are full and rich with honey, caramel, orange peel, cinnamon, butterscotch, and marmalade. The pallet follows the nose with added notes of hard candy, syrup, and slight acidity. This wine is pure fun and joy. At under fifteen bucks a bottle, this is a “must try” for any sweet toothed wine lovers out here. Cheers. — 5 months ago

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Quinta de Alcube


Alcube in Portugal is one of my favorite wines! Their Rośe is great and fresh! Perfect for a summer night outside. — 2 months ago

Vinhas de Pegões

Península de Setúbal Syrah 2021


Red fruit in the nose, bit of licorice, spice, simmered red fruit (raspberry), vanilla and oak on the palate. Full bodied wine with prominent tannins. When served a bit more chilled and right after opening quite accessible, otherwise to combine with grilled/red meat. Great value for money. — 3 months ago

Adega Camolas

CLÓ Península de Setúbal Red Blend

3/15/22. Rui/Kendall’s with risotto shrimp. Very good. Smooth. Soft carry. Fruity. Enjoyed. — 4 months ago

José Maria da Fonseca

Moscatel de Setúbal

5 años en barrica, suave y dulce — 2 months ago

200 Gallons

Reserva Double Cask Alicante Bouschet 2020


Certainly needs to breathe. Smooth with a dry finish. Rich Dark berry/fruit — 3 months ago