Moscatel Galego Branco

Folias de Baco

Uivo Curtido Moscatel Galego Branco

Cloudy orange. Barnyard. Grapefruit. Crisp. — 9 days ago

João Clara

Branco Algarve Arinto Blend 2017

Great wine, surprising find! — 2 years ago

Quinta do Vallado

Vinho Branco Douro 2017

Keep this vino coming! Delicious with our fresh seafood. #portugal #porto — 2 years ago

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Folias de Baco

Uivo Pt Nat Branco 2017

Moscatel lifts the aromatics, and there’s more depth/density than in your run of the mill pet-Nat. — 2 years ago


Julinha Douro Gouveio Blend

This was so wonderful! — a month ago


Douro Moscatel Galego Branco 2018

It legit smells like peaches. I can’t believe how good this is for moscatel. I expected sweeter. Well balanced. — a year ago

Carlos Alonso

Piano Bruto Douro Moscatel Galego Branco

excellent fusion of white port and sparkling wine — 2 years ago

Vinha Maria Chaves

SantaLuzia Branco 2012

Incredibile isola di Fogo. 8 anni — 7 months ago

Real Companhia Velha

Evel Douro Branco White Blend 2017

16.5/20 (90/100) Довольно интенсивный, пряный аромат с нотами белых ягод, персиков, цветов. Умеренная кислотность и заметная спиртуозность. Вкус немного отстаёт от аромата. Яркое и непростое вино. — 2 years ago

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Folias de Baco

Uivo Moscatel Galego Branco


this is what I’m sippin’ on while I’m grilling. excellent. — 2 years ago