Celler De Capçanes

Mas Collet Selecció Montsant Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2017

After a trip to the Boqueria market in Barcelona and getting ready for our cooking class at Cook and Taste Barcelona — 4 days ago

Dave Rostker
with Dave
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Coca i Fitó

Jaspi Negre Montsant Grenache Blend 2015

Fantastic blend. Not overbearing, not too dry. — 5 months ago

Espectacle del Montsant

Montsant Garnacha

A very well made and balanced wine with extreme clarity of raspberry. The problem is 16%(!!!) alcohol. I think no matter how well you make wine trying to keep that in check will be difficult. There were some sore heads this morning 🥳 — 7 months ago

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Vendrell Rived

Serè Montsant Garnacha Cariñena

Delicious. Bright and tannic. — 22 days ago

Cellers Can Blau

Blau Montsant Red Blend

Great from paradox — 3 months ago

Sindicat La Figuera

Vi Sec Montsant Garnatxa Fina 2020

Blind tasting no3. I legitimately said French Grenache after a lot of deliberation, but it was still a complete guess at the end of it all. Spanish garnacha! I should have known. Ugh.

A cloudy and full medium ruby middle with garnet rim and quite a bit of color variation. Tons of jammy raspberry and tart cherry aromas. Red fruit for sure. Also picked up on cocoa and baking spices, heavy black pepper too. Low tannins, but HIGH acids, with red fruit and chocolate + potting soil. Very good.
— 7 months ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian

Celler De Capçanes

Mas Donís Rosat Montsant Grenache Blend 2021

Garnacha and Syrah Rosé. Raspberry and cherry and minerals on the nose, spicy and minerally on the palate with good acidity and subtle fruit. Perfect spring day sipper. — 4 months ago

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Venus La Universal

La Universal Montsant Syrah Blend 2018

Found while in Spain…lovely wine — 7 months ago

Venus La Universal

Dido Blanco Montsant White Blend 2017

2017 | White Blend
(50% Macabeu / 40% Grenache Blanc / 10% Cartoixà)
Venus la Universal; Dido
Catalonia; Montsant, Spain
— 8 months ago

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