Marco Sambin

Marco De Bartoli

Rosso di Marco Terre Siciliane Pignatello 2021

his good forming apple juice inspired wine goes best with fried squid. As most things in life. — 24 days ago

Dominio del Plata (Susana Balbo)

Ben Marco Expresivo Malbec Blend

v18. Shocked, was expecting deep and dark, and got fresh and bright! Dusty, smoked meat and sharp cedar nose. Fresh , slightly sour cherry fruit. Bright, clean, slate finish. Nicely balanced. Unique. — 2 months ago

Antonelli San Marco

Montefalco Sagrantino 2006

Good 2006 Sagrantino in perfect shape. Cherry and earthy notes. Leaner than I expected. The tannins are intense, but well balanced overall. — 7 months ago

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Marco De Bartoli

Lucido Catarratto 2021

Good form. Pairs perfectly with fresh Sicilian seafood. — 24 days ago

Secondo Marco

Valpolicella Classico Corvina Blend 2017

— 2 months ago

Marco De Bartoli

Sole e Vento Grillo-Zibibbo 2020

Pretty fruit forward for Sicily, stone and tropical fruit. Zippy and refreshing. — 5 months ago

Marco Felluga

Mongris Collio Pinot Grigio 2020

Copper hued, bright tropical fruit, slate, cardamom, beer. Concentrated, soft, slightly bitter, and lively. — 8 months ago

Marco Tinessa

Ognostro Aglianico

Jeff Collins

Should have had it a little cooler, next time. Nice bottle. — a month ago

Marco De Bartoli

Vignaverde Grillo 2021

In Agrigento. Perfect! — 2 months ago

Marco De Bartoli

Bukkuram Passito di Pantelleria Zibibbo 2020

Super acidity. And peach - the bouquet of the skin of peaches is really prominent, with a honeyed backdrop and nuts and citrus. — 6 months ago

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