Karavitakis Winery

Klima 2021

From Crete. Ate with oxtail soup. Delicious — 5 months ago


Karnari Kotsifali 2017

Kotsifali grape grown in the Kamari region of western Crete in Greece, is made in the Marouvas style for a “more gentle” wine. Made by a female winemaker. No idea what Kapnapi is but try their website at lyrakis.com On initial pour, light to moderate pigment extraction, red plum in color, very good clarity. Aromas of unripe cherries and wood with a hint of butter/butyric. Soft mouthfeel, lightly flavored but a tad viscous. 14.9% alc/vol but not hot. Light mint and herbal notes in aftertaste. Quite different a wine, tasty but I’m not sure what I should be looking for in this variety. Good craft here, keep fighting the good fight against the patriarchy! Paired well with green chicken enchiladas as the snow was coming down outside. 24 hours later, light chewy tannins emerge, along with grape fruit, soft acid, and just a bit of aldehydic-sherry character. Fun wine, savory, not fruit forward. I’d decant it though. Would like to revisit this one. — a year ago

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Sounds delicious!


Very interesting!🍷

Idaia Winery

Idaia Gi Crete Kotsifali Mandilaria 2015

Black fruit, smoke , 2 grapes rich smooth finish, concentrated — 2 years ago

Michalakis Estate

Kotsifali 2022

Best asertico I have tried — 10 months ago

Toplou Monastery

Toplou Organic Dry Syrah Kotsifali

Flippin good. From a great place — a year ago

Daskalaki Winery (Silva Wines)

Grand Collection Enstikto Syrah Kotsifali 2016

Flavor is fantastic. Flavor surprises with a little smokiness. — 2 years ago


Tenebrae Syrah

Syrah and Kotsifali light body, good finish — 2 years ago


Scalarea Syrah - Kotsifali 2019

Large majority Kotsifali. Medium bodied and very good with meat. — a year ago


Klima Chania Merlot Kotsifali 2013

Full bodied, tasty. Mild tannins, paired well with lamb chops — 2 years ago


Kotsifali 2019

Fruity red. Light red color. Highly drinkable. — 2 years ago