Noir Modri Pinot 2015

@delectable wine: this is a special cuvée of a red version — 3 months ago


San Lurinz Corvus Rosé Blend

Good summer party wine, little fizz is great — 3 years ago


Beli Goriška Brda Pinot Blanc 2014

Apple-y and acidic on the nose. Deep golden hay color. Really delicious — not heavy, nice salinity. — 4 years ago


Cuvée Morel Goriška Brda Merlot Blend 2010

Excellent Slovenian bordeaux blend — 4 years ago


Ghost Rider Goriška Brda Orange 2009

Black Lamb Ghost Rider 2009 picked up in Woodstock. Delicious amber wine. — 6 months ago


Rebula Goriška Brda Ribolla Gialla

Tastes like fall. Cinnamon, apple cider. Light and spicy! — 3 years ago


Luisa Goriška Brda Chardonnay Blend 2011

Really quite nice and very different. Slightly different, slightly oaked, but not in a way that is bad at all. A bit orange - sees some skin contact - mouth filling, medium acid. Very nice. — 4 years ago

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Goriška Brda Ravan 2015

Lovely rich and nuanced every day white. — 7 months ago


San Lurinz Hydra Malvasia 2019


2019 “Hydra” Sparkling Goriška Brda, by Kabaj.

First Slovenian Pet Nat! Woot!

Lite & tasty notes of Golden fruit, honey, stones, floral, apricot nectar with a lemon twist. Similar notes on the nose.

Slight haze, some loose lees notable.

Eager bubbles, heard the bottle pop from other room. Crown cap with plastic stopper underneath. Good stream bead and saturation.

13% ABV

If you are in the SF Bay Area, highly recommend pairing with Dish n’ Dash Chicken Shawarma Wrap; Jerusalem Style (Hummus/Eggplant/Cauliflower). Good pairing synergy.

More, Please!

— 3 years ago

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Goriška Brda Sivi Pinot 2015

Very tasty, nice peach notes — 4 years ago

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