Heinrich Mayr (nusserhof)

Heinrich Mayr (Nusserhof)

Riserva Südtirol Lagrein 2012

Here’s a stereotypical Austrian style red, made in northern Italy. I dated a northern Italian red head once so it’s not that I’m unaccustomed to such beauty, you just don’t see it often.

And just like that ex of mine, this is light and dry and amazingly complicated. Bacon grease, cherry jam, Smokey and earthy all together.

The winery’s name “Nusserhof means “nut farm”, for the old hazelnut trees which used to line the driveway to the property.
— 2 months ago

Heinrich Mayr (Nusserhof)

Bianco Blatterle 2010

Spqr. Herbaceous. Crisp. Length. — 7 years ago

Heinrich Mayr (Nusserhof)

Elda Rosso Schiava

Christopher Losa

God wine of Südtirol. — 5 years ago

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Heinrich Mayr (Nusserhof)

Ty........ Rosso Teroldego

Oh man. Thanks for this James and Sarah. Going pretty well with this Pan com Tomate. — 8 years ago

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Carolyn Johnson

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Timarosso but not timarosso. Love me some nusserhof!
Carolyn Johnson

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Correction: teroldego

Heinrich Mayr (Nusserhof)

B....... Bianco Blatterle

Nice acid, lemon pith, wild flowers and herbs, medium body. Great with food and especially rich food that you wouldn't necessarily pair with white. Ate it with left over staff meal chili and it made my night. — 6 years ago

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Heinrich Mayr (Nusserhof)


Love that this is an Italian 'Erzeugerabfullung'! So lively and delicious — 7 years ago

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not sure what vintage, probably somewhere between 06 and 08. incredible and unique.
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I thought it was 2006. This was one of my favorites of the day!