Grey Goose

Wolf Blass

Grey Label McLaren Vale Shiraz 2018

Fruit forward, big cassis notes. Not the longest finish but this is definitely a good value quaffer. Having it chilled after a long exhausting day on Fraser Island adds to the allure. 🇦🇺 — 13 days ago

Goose Bay

South Island Sauvignon Blanc 2021

The wine I have opened is the 2021 Goose Island South Island Sauvignon Blanc. From Upper Moutre, New Zealand.

On the nose there is lime, grapefruit, tangerine, gooseberry, honeydew melon, grass, herbal notes and minerality.

On the palate is grapefruit, white peach, lime, jalapeno, herbaceousness and flintiness.

This wine is light to medium bodied with a fresh clean mouthfeel medium + acidity that leaves you with a long citrus mineral finish. We now have 3 1/2 days until Christmas and everyone has all their shopping done. Please stay safe and healthy on these days before Christmas. Nostrovia! 🥂🥂🥂🥂
— 2 years ago

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Jody Scharf

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Merry Christmas Daniel.
Your notes are always interesting.
I love the Nostrovia at conclusion the best.
Daniel P. Drake

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@Jody Scharf Merry Christmas to you and your Family. Thank you. 🎅👍

Viña Ventisquero

Grey [Glacier] Single Block Trinidad Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Had with Isabel, Chris & Lisa at Sushi Kim 2. Relatively smooth, but I ate too many different foods & probably changed to taste too much such that I can’t provide an accurate description. Will need to try again. ADDENDUM: Tried again at Nana & Pap’s on my birthday and it was much better. Excellent. — 5 months ago

Grey Stack Cellars

Four Brothers Vineyard Pinot Noir 2015

Dark cherry and spice nose. More dark cherry on the palate with cola, plum, cooked strawberry, cinnamon, clove, oak, with a hint of cocoa. Medium plus alcohol, medium minus tannins, and high alcohol. — 2 years ago

Susan Cahoon
with Susan

Wild Goose Vineyards

Autumn Gold Riesling Blend 2020

Semidry. Really enjoyed. — 2 years ago

Dusky Goose

Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2016

4/2023. Fruit forward without a concentration of cherry. Medium bodied. — 8 months ago

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Grey Goose


I hate to say it, but this stuff really is a higher class of vodka. No off, medicinal notes. No cloying artificial sweetness. It just tastes like the cleanest, purest spring water was made magically alcoholic. — 2 years ago

Grey Stack Cellars

Dry Stack Vineyard Rosemary's Block Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Just in from Jersey, $22.00 no tax free shipping. Buy it by the case all day long. Skip the Bevan & buy this
Retail notes,

There’s a sweet-spot for domestic Sauvignon Blanc found in a special part of Bennett Valley that experiences a strong maritime influence as it flows through the Petaluma Gap to Sonoma Mountain. Within that funnel of cooling coastal air, the Dry Stack Vineyard is in a prime location at 550 feet elevation at the base of Mt. Taylor. I’m continually drawn to Sauvignon Blanc from Dry Stack and the vineyard produces fruit with detailed notes of fresh guava, rocky minerals, ripe tangerine and mineral infused citrus. You might be familiar with Russell Bevan’s version from Dry Stack, and Grey Stack has been a pillar on our tasting list in Yountville.

With Grey Stack, everything begins in the Vineyard with exceptional quality fruit, but from there, the wine is given a voice by winemaker Patrick Sullivan, whose experience includes making wine at Peter Michael, Paul Hobbs, Lewis Cellars and Rudd. This is absolutely one of the finest examples of California Sauvignon Blanc with its superior focus and incredibly vivid, distinctive flavors. If you love Sauvignon Blanc, or better yet, even if you don’t… Try this one and you’ll probably never look back.
— 3 years ago

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Palmer Emmitt

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Can I send you some Sauvignon Blanc?
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

I’ll definitely try it, I’ve bought some Cabernets from you through @Rob Brobst III